Expatriate insurance: I live overseas as expat

Would you go abroad? Going abroad to study? WHV? Whatever your expatriation situation, we have international health insurance for you. We know that for you, the price-guarantee ratio of your international insurance must be the best. Mondassur accompanies you in your choice, so that you can find the best international medical insurance according to your budget and your criteria of coverage: hospital care, dental and optical care, prevention and well-being for you and your family…


I want insurance abroad for more than a year

Would you be a long-term expat? You are already an expatriate and you are looking for coverage adapted to your situation and your country of expatriation? Mondassur offers expatriate insurance solutions tailored to your profile and budget. Our advisors are available to answer any questions you may have about expatriation insurance.

I am looking for expat insurance at the 1st euro

A health insurance called “1st euro” will cover you from the 1st euro spent completely independently, without intermediaries. This type of insurance differs from a health supplement whose reimbursement usually comes after that of a social protection scheme. This solution also speedsup and simplifies your refund process. Mondassur offers 3 types of custom-made contracts with various reputable insurers.

  • GoldExpat: flexible insurance that fits your budget (GoldExpat Access, GoldExpat Safe, GoldExpat Premium). All of these contracts cover 100% hospitalization and 80% to 90% actual costs for current medicine, depending on the option chosen. In addition, you remain covered during your temporary trips to other countries abroad as well as when you return to your country of origin. You also have the option to subscribe to several interesting options covering optics and dental care, civil liability andrepatriation assistance. From $80 per month.
  • First Expat : insurance that can also be adjusted, with hospitalization and routine medicine that can be covered between 60 and 100 of the actual costs depending on the formula chosen. From €89 per month. For the most complete formulas, the ceilings can be very high.
  • MyHealth International 3 adaptable formulas with dental/optical and maternity options that can be independently subscribed. From €116 per month.

I am looking for health insurance complementary to the CFE

The CFE (Caisse des Français abroad) is an organization that assures you abroad with the same coverage ceilings as the French social security. This is why it is recommended to subscribe to a health supplement that will cover the remaining reimbursements for you, just like a traditional French complementary mutual.

  • GoldExpat CFE: So, if you are looking for a complementary international health, we recommend GoldExpat CFE which comes in 3 formulas according to the guarantees you are looking for and your budget (GoldExpat CFE Access, GoldExpat CFE Safe, GoldExpat CFE Premium) .
  • Expat Relay Your bespoke international health insurance in addition to the CFE. It assures you all over the world, including in your home country. From 81 Euros per month. Available in 4 formulas.
  • My Health International CFE : My International Health insurance in addition to the CFE insures you worldwide, including your home country with the choice of your practitioners wherever you are! The refund is based on the actual costs. From €86 per month.

I want insurance abroad for less than a year

You go on vacation, make a long trip, study, internship, WHV, a professional mission? Whatever your situation, it is important to take out international health insurance because medical costs in many countries of the world are much higher than in France. Moreover, it is interesting to keep in mind that the insurance set sities possibly related to your credit card do not cover you properly because it is more of an assistance than an insurance! Especially since the coverage is only valid for 3 months maximum.

I’m under 35

Mondassur has selected 3 contracts with a very competitive guaranteed/price ratio for 35-year-olds depending on your situation, destination and the main purpose of your trip/stay.

  • Junior Access Studies/ PVT If you have student status and want to go abroad for your studies or an internship or a contracted internship or USA or Canada, or you want to leave as part of a PVT, this is the insurance you need!
  • Premium/Access: an insurance benefit for young people with excellent coverage ceilings, valid for allthe reasons for stays. The Access offer guarantees medical coverage of 200,000 euros and repatriation assistance. The Premium offer is perfectly suited to a country like the United States, with its medical coverage at 1,000,000 euros without deductible, repatriation assistance and civil liability.
  • Premium Extension : tailor-made insurance for students who must meet extremely specific criteria required by their host university. This is very often the case in the United States, but also sometimes in Brazil or Argentina…

I’m over 35

  • Generation Generation Insurance (available in Access or Plus) provides comprehensive coverage for any type of private or business stay, covers your medical expenses (ceilings that differ according to the formula) and includes repatriation assistance. The liability guarantee is optional. From €69 per month.
  • Mytravel : The main advantage of this insurance is that it can be taken out at any time, even after you have already reached your destination country. It is reserved for people who are temporarily staying abroad It offers medical procedures of up to 200,000 euros as well as additional guarantees such as repatriation assistance or civil liability. From €63 per month.

Why go through Mondassur to find the expat insurance I need?

Mondassur, as an international health insurance broker, accompanies you in the wide range of insurance contracts available to you. We help you compare existing offers so that you can subscribe to the one that corresponds in every way to your criteria, your situation and your budget! Don’t hesitate to apply for an online quote now! If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them by email or phone as you see fit.

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