Assurance sante internationale expatrie

Expatriate insurance

I'm going or living abroad

Mondassur can help you choose the right health insurance to protect you and your family abroad.

Are you an expatriate or planning to move abroad? Would you like medical coverage to protect you and your family? Mondassur compares different expatriate insurance plans. We can help you find the expatriate insurance that’s right for you. These contracts cover your medical expenses throughout the world.

International health insurance for expatriates

I'm looking for health insurance for my life abroad

Mondassur has been providing expatriate insurance services for over 20 years. We have developed numerous contracts with
our insurance partners. This allows us to take into account the different situations of expatriates around the world. We offer 3 international health insurance policies :

Expatriate insurance
Gold Expat

For expatriates living abroad!

Our expatriate insurance with comprehensive coverage, tailored to your life abroad.



/ month

Expatriate insurance
Gold Start

For expatriate travelers abroad!

International health insurance with a good level of medical cover and essential benefits. Suitable for long-stay visa applications.



/ month

Expatriate insurance
Gold Visa

For people aged 60 to 75!

International health insurance with essential medical cover for expatriates aged 60 to 75.



/ month

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10 tips for choosing expatriate insurance

1. Take stock of your health needs

Are you travelling alone or with your family? Do you wear glasses or need frequent dental care? Are you used to alternative medicine? To find out which type of cover is right for you, take the time to analyze your expectations. Depending on your needs, you may or may not choose options for your international health insurance.

2. Take into account the quality and cost of care in the country of expatriation

Depending on the characteristics of your country of expatriation or your new country of residence (perhaps you’re on a local contract and don’t feel like an expatriate!), you will certainly not opt for the same type of expatriate insurance. It’s important for you to understand:

  • The quality of the health system and medical care provided
  • The cost of medical care in your host country

3. Choose the right type of cover

Coverage of hospitalization expenses only or coverage of all health expenses, coverage of maternity or not, dental or optical care… Take into account your situation and your budget to make the right choice.

4. Choosing the right optional cover

Expatriate insurance is often modular. In addition to healthcare costs and repatriation assistance, you can opt for a range of cover options: compensation for work stoppage, personal liability, lump-sum death benefit, etc.

5. Find out about reimbursement terms

How long does it take for your healthcare costs to be reimbursed abroad? How can I make a claim? What procedures can be carried out online? Make sure you’re well informed. A good international health insurance policy allows you to declare your claims online and benefit from direct reimbursement in the event of hospitalization.

6. Check the amount of any deductibles and ceilings

There are annual ceilings for the coverage of healthcare costs and, in some cases, ceilings per procedure. The amount of any deductibles should also be taken into account. To avoid surprises, compare insurance solutions carefully. Certain deductibles or excesses can amount to several thousand euros on some insurance policies…

7. Choose an insurer that's easy to contact

In the event of a problem abroad, it’s very important to be able to contact your insurance company’s assistance service quickly. It is also important to be able to contact a competent advisor who can explain or remind you how your insurance abroad works, what cover is offered, etc.

8. Check country coverage

In which countries does your health insurance cover you? Will you be covered when you return to your home country to visit family? Or when you go on vacation to another country?

9. Identify the services included in the expatriate insurance contract

Direct payment of hospital expenses, repatriation… Your insurance contract must facilitate your reimbursements.

10. Find out about contract exclusions

Some claims are never covered by expatriate health insurance. Be sure to look at this list of exclusions before signing your contract.

For over 15 years, Mondassur has been offering international health insurance with flexible cover to meet your specific needs. Our advisors will answer all your questions to help you choose the right international health insurance worldwide. Ask for a free quote!

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