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Repatriation insurance: how does it work?

Repatriation insurance is a guarantee not to be neglected when you’re abroad. Whether you’re a tourist, expatriate or student, you’ll need international medical coverage with repatriation guarantees. Here are a few key points to help you understand the importance of repatriation insurance in the event of accident or illness abroad.

medical repatriation insurance

Why do I need repatriation insurance?

When you’re abroad, repatriation insurance can often seem superfluous. Unfortunately, no one is immune to serious health problems, and when they do occur, the usefulness of repatriation insurance is quickly demonstrated. In general, insurance companies do not cover their policyholders outside the national territory, and in some countries, hospital infrastructures are not always well-equipped and the quality of care sometimes leaves much to be desired. This is why, if your medical condition requires it and to benefit from adapted care not available locally, you will have to be repatriated – meaning exorbitant expenses. Taking out repatriation insurance guarantees that you will be repatriated in the event of a serious problem, so that you can benefit from care in the best possible health conditions.

Repatriation insurance benefits

Repatriation insurance generally covers hospitalization and certain medical expenses not covered by other insurance policies. It can also cover search and rescue expenses, as well as return transport. The guarantee often extends to support from healthcare professionals, if necessary. To take advantage of these benefits while traveling abroad, get a free quote for your health insurance abroad! And discover the health insurance best suited to your situation.

What justifies repatriation?

Medical repatriation during a stay abroad is justified in several situations. It may be necessary if the sick or injured person cannot receive appropriate medical care locally, due to inadequate medical infrastructures or prohibitive costs. Here are the main reasons for medical repatriation:

  • Lack of adequate local care: If the country you are in does not have the means to treat your medical condition adequately, repatriation may be considered.
  • Severity of medical condition: Serious pathologies requiring intensive or specialized care, such as unstabilized strokes, heart attacks or severe polytrauma, often justify repatriation. In such cases, evacuation by medical aircraft with nursing staff is organized to ensure the patient’s safety during transport.
  • Inability to move: Some injuries, such as serious fractures, may require specialized transport. If the patient requires special travel arrangements, medical repatriation can be arranged.

The medical team on site and the assistance service decide whether medical repatriation is necessary. The alternative to repatriation is transport to a nearby city or country with a better infrastructure.

Which repatriation insurance should I choose?

Choosing repatriation insurance is crucial to guaranteeing adequate assistance in the event of an emergency abroad. First, assess your needs in terms of destination, length of stay and planned activities. Destinations with limited medical infrastructure or high healthcare costs, such as Japan, require robust coverage. The duration of the trip also influences the type of insurance required, as international travel insurance often covers only up to 90 days.

There are several types of repatriation insurance policies. Some cover the cost of rescue and hospitalization, others reimburse part of the cost of treatment and medication, and still others offer repatriation in the event of death. Clauses and rates vary from one insurance policy to another. We therefore recommend that youcarefully examine the coverage guarantees . Don’t hesitate to contact our advisors by email or telephone for further details.

The importance of health insurance abroad

Beyond repatriation, international health insurance covers medical expenses abroad, offering invaluable peace of mind. In 2023, the globalization of trade and recent pandemics underline the importance of extensive health cover for travel and expatriation.

Repatriation insurance is a pillar of travel safety. It guarantees access to quality care and financial coverage in the event of a serious problem. Its importance transcends borders, ensuring protection and peace of mind for international travelers. Expert advice and careful reading of contracts are essential to finding the right cover for your needs and destinations.

Get a free quote for your international health insurance immediately, and discover our different offers and coverages!

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