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Long-stay insurance abroad

Gold Start

Looking for insurance for a round-the-world trip? Teleworking abroad, health cover for volunteering abroad? An international business assignment or retirement? Already here and looking for medical insurance with repatriation cover during your stay? We offer GoldStart insurance with 3 levels of cover at very economical rates.

Whether you’re self-employed, telecommuting abroad, globetrotting, teaching, on a gap year or sabbatical, traveling around the world, retired abroad… you can benefit from Gold Start insurance. Are you going away for a few months or a few years, or are you unsure how long you’ll be abroad? Health insurance abroad offers optimum security with added flexibility. International health insurance is essential. In some countries, this is mandatory to obtain a resident’s visa or residence permit.

Long-stay abroad insurance
Gold Start Backup

Cost-effective insurance

Coverage for emergencies and accidents only.



/ month

Long-stay abroad insurance Gold Start Basic

Balanced insurance

Limited coverage for countries with moderate medical costs.



/ month

Long-stay abroad insurance Gold Start Nomad

Comprehensive insurance

Coverage for hospitalization and routine medical care.



/ month

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International health insurance for your long-term stays abroad

Who can take out Gold Start international insurance?

This insurance is designed for people of all nationalities who are embarking on their first adventure outside their home country. You can take out this insurance up to the age of 64, even if you are already abroad. You can be insured with Gold Start up to the age of 70. The insurance is valid from a few months to several years. It corresponds to travel insurance if you’re going away for a few months, and to expatriate insurance if you intend to live abroad for several years.

  • a student taking a gap year,
  • a family on a world tour,
  • a person traveling on sabbatical, taking language courses or telecommuting from abroad,
  • a volunteer on a humanitarian trip,
  • a retiree
  • a young expatriate on PVT or a job abroad.

Why take out long-stay insurance like Goldstart?

Globalization, the Coronavirus epidemic, the development of the Internet with its ease of remote connection, and the emergence of new professions are all increasing the opportunities to live abroad for a few months or years. With GoldStart insurance, you’ll have cost-effective cover abroad against illness and accident for essential medical treatment, accidents and other unforeseen hardships at a very economical rate.

What are the advantages of Gold Start international health insurance?

  • From 30 Euros per month
  • 3 packages to choose from, depending on your budget and destination: Nomad, Basic, Backup
  • Immediate online subscription
  • A 24/7 worldwide assistance platform

What you're covered for when you're abroad

Choose from 3 levels of coverage: Backup, Basic or Nomad. We recommend the Nomad formula, especially for countries with high medical costs. The Basic formula is more economical and may be sufficient if you are in a country with lower medical costs. The Backup formula is limited to accident costs only. It is aimed at people who tend to travel within Europe, or who have other health insurance abroad. For expatriates, there are also more comprehensive packages offering better health cover with higher ceilings: the GoldExpat expatriate insurance range. Gold Start guarantees in a nutshell:
  • Hospitalization reimbursed at 100% of actual costs, subject to various ceilings
  • 80% reimbursement of medical expenses (pharmacy, consultations, imaging procedures, laboratories, etc.).
  • Health benefits apply in the event of an epidemic (COVID-19)
  • Coverage from the 1st euro or in addition to other insurance, depending on your choice (social security, Ramq, NHS….etc.).
  • Your healthcare expenses are reimbursed with no deductible, from the 1st dollar/euro paid.
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • Repatriation assistance, civil liability and personal protection
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform
  • Backup only covers accidents. We recommend the Nomad or Basic packages.

How do I take out Gold Start insurance?

Formalities are kept to a minimum. Once you have received your quotation, you can subscribe directly online. You can also subscribe by completing and emailing your application form and health questionnaire.
You’ll receive your insurance certificate and policyholder card by email, with emergency numbers to contact in the event of 24/7 assistance or hospitalization abroad. You will also receive by email the terms and conditions of your insurance contract, with details of how your cover works. You will then have access to your online policyholder area.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about this insurance. Our multilingual team is at your disposal by phone, email or Whatsapp.

GoldStart's 3 levels of coverage

Gold Nomad is the most comprehensive expatriate insurance in this range. You are covered up to a maximum of 300,000 euros, with reimbursements of 100% for hospitalization and 80% for routine medical treatment.

Gold Basic is overseas insurance with limited cover for countries with moderate medical costs, or for those with a really limited budget if they choose it for countries with high medical costs. It covers up to €150,000.

Gold Backup covers you abroad for emergencies and accidents only. It’s ideal if you already have insurance and want better cover, or if you want repatriation and direct treatment in the event of an emergency.

How does Gold Start insurance work?

You can subscribe online. Once you have registered your subscription and paid, you will immediately receive your insurance certificate for abroad (with numbers to call in the event of hospitalization and 24/7 assistance services) and the general terms and conditions of the contract. To obtain reimbursement of your healthcare costs (excluding hospitalization and assistance), you have access to a personal online space where you can submit your claims and use your insurance services. We’ll tell you exactly how to proceed.

You benefit from direct payment in the event of hospitalization, and a24/7 medical assistance platform.

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