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Expatriate insurance

Do you have an expatriation project? Are you already living abroad? Planning to study abroad ? We compare the best international insurance plans and offer you the most suited solution for your needs.

Our insurance for expatriates or top-up plans guarantee a health coverage suited to your status and your budget. Our plans are flexible and cover all expatriate situations.

Choose expatriate health insurance that suits you. To understand everything about international health by country.

Mondassur helps you differentiate between expatriate insurance and choose the right expat health insurance. Among the most important criteria to consider when choosing the best international health insurance for your situation:

- The management of hospitalization

- Benefits maximums

- Maternity coverage

- Dental and optical coverage

- Deductibles or Excess

- Repatriation assistance

Travel insurance

Do you want to travel abroad with a peace of mind? Looking for an international student insurance ?

Mondassur helps you find the right travel insurance plan including: repatriation insurance, cancellation insurance, baggage reimbursement in case of theft or loss, etc.

Compare our travel insurance and subscribe online !

 Do you want to travel abroad or to study abroad while ensuring peace of mind?

Because medical coverage with credit cards and local insurance policies do not cover you abroad in all situations, we compare for you the best travel insurance of the market.

Mondassur helps you to find the best travel insurance with essential guarantees: repatriation assistance, cancellation insurance, refund of luggage in case of theft or loss, coverage of medical expenses abroad.

Travel insurance is adapted according to the length of stay abroad, the number of trips abroad and the profile of the traveler. Mondassur offers six categories of travel insurance:

- Travel insurance less than 90 days

- Travel insurance 1 year max

- Schengen insurance 90 days max

- Annual travel insurance

- Cancellation Insurance

- International student insurance

Find information about your travel destination
Your most common questions:
  • How to make a claim?

  • How am I reimbursed for my medical expenses?

  • Does the insurance of my credit card cover me abroad?

  • Can I subscribe an international health insurance?

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