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Schengen Visa Health Insurance

Less than 90 days: Schengen Europe Access

You are planning a stay in Europe of up to 90 days, or would like to obtain a long-stay visa.

Make your life easier and save money with Schengen insurance from 34€ that complies with the official requirements of European consulates for Schengen visas and attestation d’accueil in France. This Schengen insurance is also valid in other European countries. We can issue you with a certificate as soon as you take out Schengen insurance. If you’re coming to Europe and need a long-stay visa, we can offer you different types of insurance to obtain your long-stay visa , depending on your country of origin.

Schengen Visa Insurance

Health insurance for stays of up to 3 months in the Schengen area.



/ month

International health insurance for your stay in the Schengen area

Who can take out Schengen insurance?

The Schengen Europe Access insurance policy is designed to cover people under 90 years of age who travel outside their country of origin to France and the Schengen area for a maximum stay of 90 days. If you’re looking for insurance that meets Schengen visa requirements but lasts longer than 90 days, our Europe Access and Europe Access Extension international insurances are the right choice.

What are the advantages of Schengen insurance?

  • From €34 for 15 days
  • Insurance complying with European consulate requirements for Schengen visas and attestation d’accueil for France
  • Immediate online certificate delivery
  • 24/7 assistance platform for travel throughout the European Union.

With Schengen Europe Access insurance from Mondassur, you can :

  • Visit France and move freely within the Schengen area by obtaining your Schengen visa-compliant insurance certificate immediately online.
  • Welcoming a foreigner to France:
    • As a company: You may need to call on the services of a foreign employee for your business needs. To ensure that his visit goes as smoothly as possible, you can take out Schengen visa insurance to cover him for the duration of his stay.
    • For a private visit: If you’re entertaining a friend or family member from abroad outside the Schengen area, you can take out Mondassur Schengen insurance to ensure they have a pleasant, worry-free stay, thanks to our competitive cover.

Your guarantees with Schengen Europe Access

  • 100%* reimbursement of medical and hospital expenses
  • Repatriation assistance
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform

How much does Schengen insurance cost?

Your Schengen visa insurance, in line with consulate requirements, is available from €34 to €84 for 90 days.

How do I take out Schengen Europe Access insurance?

You can request a free quote online and take out your international health insurance directly, 24 hours a day. Mondassur saves you time by having studied the insurance best suited to your situation beforehand, and by guaranteeing that you’ll receive your insurance certificate quickly after taking out the policy. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have by e-mail or telephone.

How does Schengen insurance work?

You can take out your Schengen visa insurance directly online from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You will receive your insurance certificate by email, which you will need to obtain your Schengen visa. You can then present your insurance certificate to the consulate to obtain your Schengen visa. You’ll receive your insurance card by email, with emergency numbers to contact if you need assistance 24/7.
You will also receive by email the terms and conditions of your insurance contract, with details of how your cover works. Mondassur will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance, and will get back to you very quickly.

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