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I'm studying or doing an internship abroad

Mondassur offers several choices if you're under 35 and looking for insurance for your studies or internship abroad.

Looking for international student insurance? Are you planning to study or do an internship abroad? The Gold Student packages are an excellent choice if you’re under 35 and looking for insurance for your studies or internship abroad. Student insurance covers you from a few months to several years abroad. Medical expenses abroad are often high, and Social Security doesn’t cover you everywhere, or not to the same extent as in other countries, so it’s essential to take out international student insurance.

Student Insurance Student Backup

Economical coverage

Economical international student insurance for emergencies.



/ month

Student Insurance Student Budget

For essential coverage

Study or internship abroad insurance with a good cover/price ratio.



/ month

Student Insurance Student Global

For complete coverage

Our most comprehensive student insurance for study abroad and internships.



/ month

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Health insurance for studies or internships abroad

Who can take out Gold Student international student insurance?

International student insurance is designed for overseas students under the age of 35 who travel worldwide for periods ranging from a few months to several years. If you’re going tostudy at an American university with very specific coverage criteria, Student Global USA insurance will meet the requirements of most American universities.

How do I take out Gold Student insurance?

You can request a free quote online and take out your international student insurance directly, 24 hours a day. You can also subscribe by contacting us directly. If you’re going abroad for more than a year, you can pay quarterly. To subscribe directly to the package of your choice, get a free quote and subscribe directly. In any case, medical coverage for studying abroad is essential to avoid major costs.

What are the advantages of Gold Student international student insurance?

  • From 27 Euros per month
  • 3 packages to choose from, depending on your budget and destination: Student Global, Student Budget, Student Backup.
  • Immediate online subscription
  • A 24/7 worldwide assistance platform

Mondassur offers 3 levels of cover to suit your needs, with a very good price/guarantee ratio. All packages include repatriation assistance, third-party liability and personal protection.

International student insurance coverage in more detail:

  • Medical expenses reimbursed at 100% of actual costs, subject to various ceilings
  • 100% reimbursement of medical expenses (pharmacy, consultations, imaging procedures, laboratories, etc.).
  • Dental and optical care
  • Preventive care (contraception, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Coverage from the 1st euro or in addition to other insurance, depending on your choice (social security, Ramq, NHS….etc.).
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • Repatriation assistance
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform

Student Backup only covers accidents and repatriation assistance. We recommend the Student Global or Student Budget packages.

How does Gold Student insurance work?

You can subscribe online. Once you have registered your subscription and paid, you will immediately receive your enrolment certificate for worldwide study abroad insurance (with numbers to call in the event of hospitalization and 24/7 assistance services) and the general terms and conditions of the contract.

To obtain reimbursement of your healthcare costs, excluding hospitalization or assistance (which are covered directly by the assistance platform you need to contact as quickly as possible in the event of an accident), you have access to a personal online space where you can submit your claims and use your insurance services. We’ll tell you exactly how to proceed. With Gold Student, you benefit from direct payment in the event of hospitalization, and a24/7 medical assistance platform.

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