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Gold Expat

Looking for insurance to complement your CFE (Caisse des Français à l'Étranger)? Are you registered with CFE or do you wish to join in order to be reimbursed for your medical expenses? Our Gold Expat contract can cover your healthcare costs in addition to the CFE.

Do you live abroad and need comprehensive health insurance to supplement your CFE (Caisse des Français à l’Etranger) coverage? Are you planning to live or work abroad and looking for private health insurance for your expatriation? We recommend our Gold Expat insurance as a complement to CFE to benefit from the best cover on the market at a very competitive rate. With this contract, you benefit from effective coverage in the event of accident or illness, with no advance payment for hospitalization and no deductible. Take a look at our Gold Expat 1st Euro contract.

Expatriate insurance
Gold Expat Access CFE

Cost-effective insurance

Economical international health insurance tailored to your expatriation plans.



/ month

Expatriate insurance
Gold Expat
Safe CFE

Balanced insurance

Health insurance with a good cover/price ratio. It offers effective cover against accident and illness.



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Expatriate insurance Gold Expat
Premium CFE

Comprehensive insurance

Our most comprehensive international health insurance for expatriates.



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International health insurance for expatriates

I'm looking for international health insurance in addition to CFE for my expatriation

Are you an expatriate or planning to move abroad permanently? Are you a member of CFE (Caisse des Français à l’Etranger) and would like to take out additional international insurance? Gold Expat insurance can be taken out by anyone living outside their country of nationality, going to live or living abroad and outside their country of origin, for any length of time. Whether you are self-employed, employed, a restaurant owner… you can benefit from Gold Expat insurance in addition to CFE.

What are the advantages of Gold Expat CFE international health insurance?

  • From 32 Euros per month
  • Efficient, flexible CFE international insurance for all budgets
  • Quick and easy subscription with an online personal space
  • A 24/7 worldwide assistance platform

Other benefits of Gold Expat :

  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals abroad, no deductible constraints
  • Free access to a database of quality medical practitioners and facilities worldwide, with prices negotiated for you
  • E-claiming to facilitate the reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Free translation of your claims.
  • Coverage of medical expenses for business trips and vacations abroad.
  • Excellent warranty/price ratio, among the most affordable on the market
  • Response to your e-mails within 24 working days
  • Financial strength of leading international insurance partners

Your cover with Gold Expat in addition to CFE

Gold Expat CFE insurance offers excellent value for money. This is the expatriation insurance offering the best coverage. You are covered for 100% of actual costs for hospitalization and maternity. Medical visits (general practitioners or specialists), X-rays, medical analyses and pharmaceutical expenses are covered at 90% of actual costs, with excellent coverage ceilings.

Gold Expat CFE insurance is modularallowing you to add different optionsas additional guarantees for optical and dental care or a third-party liability and repatriation assistance. You also have the option of taking out certain options with enhanced reimbursement ceilings, such as Dental/Optical Plus, Maternity Plus and Well-Being (covering the cost of alternative medicine, psychology, etc.).

How does Gold Expat protect you abroad?

  • Financial risk: healthcare costs vary widely from country to country, and can be very high in some countries. A day’s hospitalization can cost up to €10,000 in North America. GoldExpat covers your healthcare costs and pays directly in the event of hospitalization. With the optional contract, your dental and optical expenses are also covered.
  • The risk of access to medicine: in some countries, public structures do not always allow for a choice of doctor or hospital, and access to care can take a long time. GoldExpat reimburses private medical care, with a free choice of doctor or hospital, anywhere in the world.
  • The legal risk: in some countries, a simple traffic accident can result in imprisonment. Any court summons is an unsettling situation, and this feeling is heightened in an unfamiliar foreign context. GoldExpat offers optional legal assistance and civil liability coverage.
  • Health risks: in some parts of the world, medical facilities are very limited, and access to care must remain possible in a satisfactory medical environment. GoldExpat offers optional repatriation assistance to make up for local shortcomings

How do I take out Gold Expat insurance in addition to CFE?

Formalities are kept to a minimum and include the following steps:

  1. Send the completed application form with the medical questionnaire.
  2. Please enclose a copy of your passport and your bank details for reimbursement purposes.
  3. Indicate the desired payment method. Subscriptions can be made by email. To confirm your membership, please send us the documents by post.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about this insurance. Our multilingual team is at your disposal by phone, email or Whatsapp.

What are the conditions for taking out Gold Expat CFE insurance?

  • Cover takes effect on receipt of the application form, medical questionnaire, bank details, copy of passport, payment of premiums and acceptance by the insurer.
  • The beneficiary of the contract is insured as soon as he registers:
    • immediately for care and hospitalization due to accidents and unexpected illnesses
    • after 3 months for all other medical treatment and hospitalization,
    • after 6 months for treatment and prostheses, including dental, orthodontic and optical,
    • after 10 months for maternity.

These deadlines can be waived if a health insurance policy was previously taken out and cancelled less than a month ago, except for maternity.

  • The contract is taken out for one year, renewable by tacit agreement, and can be terminated with two months’ notice, depending on the contract’s guarantees.
  • Membership fees are payable quarterly, half-yearly or annually by bank transfer, French cheque, Visa or Mastercard, or by direct debit (from a European account only).

How does Gold Expat international health insurance work?

In the event of hospitalization, you pay nothing in advance. The hospital is freely chosen by the beneficiary. You need to contact the 24/7 medical platform, which will send a claim form and pay the hospital directly.

Other medical expenses are reimbursed promptly by bank transfer, based on receipted invoices. Refunds can be consulted via the Internet.
The doctor (general practitioner and specialist) and medical practitioners are freely chosen by the beneficiary.

For policyholders who are members of the CFE, Mondassur has set up a “one-stop shop” for its international policyholders, enabling you to send in your reimbursement requests via your CFE personal space, and to obtain reimbursement from both the CFE and the Mondassur complementary insurance.

Why choose Mondassur?

  • Health insurance for expatriates, whatever your nationality and whatever your destination, from the1st Euro spent.
  • Top-level multilingual service to support you throughout your contract.
  • A free analysis of your needs to find the most suitable insurance package for your budget.
  • Tailor-made guarantees so you can pay the right price for your budget.
  • The financial strength of leading international insurance partners
  • A la carte insurance with 3 coverage options: Expat Premium, Expat Safe, Expat Access.
  • Reimbursement of dental care, optical care and optional preventive and maternity cover with higher ceilings (optional).
  • Insurance that can cover your pre-existing conditions.

Any questions? Need advice?

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