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Mondassur provides information on the local healthcare system to help you choose the right insurance for your needs.


Are you planning to move to Hong Kong, whether for expatriation, study, an internship or simply a vacation? In all these situations, you should consider taking out international health insurance. Hong Kong, with its high medical costs, can pose a significant financial risk in the event of illness or accident. With the right insurance, you can leave with peace of mind, protected against unforeseen financial, medical and legal contingencies. Our health insurance policies specially designed for Hong Kong cover a wide range of expenses, including repatriation, hospital costs, third-party liability and other emergency medical costs.

Student insurance Hong Kong

The insurance that covers your stay for your studies in Hong Kong.



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Expatriate insurance Hong Kong

Health insurance to cover your expatriation to Hong Kong.



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Travel insurance Hong Kong

Health insurance to cover your trip to Hong Kong.



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Information on health insurance in Hong Kong

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Political system: Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
Capital: Hong-Kong
Surface area: 1,104 km²
Population: 7.466 million
Languages spoken: Chinese (mainly Cantonese; Mandarin), English
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

General information on the healthcare system

Hong Kong’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. In fact, it was ranked the world’s most efficient healthcare system by Bloomerg in 2018. And not for the first time!

In fact, Hong Kong’s hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best doctors in the world. The country also covers 90% or more of its citizens’ medical expenses, making healthcare very affordable. The proof of this success: life expectancy at birth is the longest in the world!

The healthcare system is characterized by a central public system, promoting universal access to care on the model of the British National Health System (NHS). It is financed not through payroll taxes, but directly from government revenues. Rather than offering health insurance to citizens, as is the case in France, the government directly subsidizes hospitals to the tune of 90% of the fees set on an official price scale. So, for example, a citizen admitted to the emergency room will only pay HKD 100 (around €12), which corresponds to 10% of actual medical costs.

While public hospitals provide the majority of care in the country, some operations can only be carried out by private specialists. However, private care is not subsidized and has no defined fee structure. The cost of care in private hospitals is therefore incredibly high by comparison.

Hong Kongers therefore generally take out private insurance to cover private hospital expenses.

Please note that public medical expenses are only reimbursed for holders of a local identity card. Travelers and expatriates therefore pay ten times more for their healthcare than permanent residents.

Costs for travelers and expatriates

Public health care costs for travellers and expatriates are as follows:

– For emergency hospitalization: HKD 1,140 (€130)

– For hospitalization in a specialized ward: HKD1,140 to HKD4,600 (€130 to €515) depending on the ward

– For a general medical consultation: HKD 410 (€46)

– For a consultation with a specialist: HKD 1,130 (€127)

Private healthcare costs vary. The average cost of hospitalization is estimated at between HKD 23,000 and 65,000 (€2,575 and €7,280) by the French diplomatic services.

Recommended vaccines

Institut Pasteur recommends that you update your Hepatitis A vaccinations before traveling to Hong Kong. For long-term stays, Hepatitis B vaccinations are also recommended.

If you’re traveling to a rural or isolated area, vaccinations against Japanese encephalitis, rabies and typhoid are recommended.

Health risks

Watch out for air pollution in Hong Kong. Pollution peaks and clouds are frequent. We therefore recommend that you check the air pollution level daily on the web or on your phone. Smartphone applications are available for this purpose. Wearing an anti-fine-particle mask is recommended in case of heavy pollution.

Choosing the right health insurance

Before you leave for Hong Kong, remember to take out health insurance to cover you in the event of a serious accident, illness or hospitalization, etc.

Please contact Mondassur’s sales advisors for a free, customized quote on health insurance in Hong Kong.

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