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Mondassur offers several international health insurance solutions if you're going on a temporary work permit (PVT), telecommuting or traveling to several destinations for a gap year or a round-the-world trip.

Do you travel several times a year, or are you on a WHV? Nomadic WHV insurance is essential to cover your health during your stay. Mondassur offers a wide range of health insurance options to give you peace of mind wherever you travel. The Gold Start range is available in 3 levels, offering you a choice of more or less comprehensive cover depending on your needs and budget.

Nomad WHV
Gold Start Backup

Cover for emergencies and accidents

Cost-effective international health insurance to cover emergencies.



/ month

Nomad WHV Gold Start Basic

Coverage that protects you for essential care

Health insurance with a good cover/price ratio that covers you in an emergency.



/ month

Nomad WHV Gold Start Nomad

Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind

Our most comprehensive international health insurance.



/ month

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International health insurance for frequent travellers

How does nomad/PVT insurance work?

Like travel insurance, nomadic WHV health insurance covers a large proportion of your health-related risks: medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation assistance, etc. It also includes third-party liability (in case you injure a third party during your stay abroad) and death insurance, as well as coverage for any legal fees (lawyers). All claims are made online for greater simplicity. If you need to go to hospital, remember to contact the 24/7 medical platform directly, so that the insurance company can cover the costs directly.

What are the main criteria for choosing PVT nomad health insurance?

Mondassur offers you a range of contracts with trusted insurers, so you can leave with a clear head.

When choosing your insurance, pay particular attention to the quality of the services on offer, including the ease with which you can take out cover, the quality of customer service (availability, speed) and the payout times generally applied.

As a general rule, before taking out an insurance policy, it is advisable to check that all the terms and conditions of the contract are acceptable to you. For example, you need to find out about any deductibles, waiting periods and exclusions (particularly for extreme sports), and make sure that the contract meets all your criteria (repatriation, third-party liability, hospitalization and medical expenses).

How do you choose the right country to work in?

You can work anywhere in the world. Your imagination will be limited only by the safety of the countries and their accessibility thanks to the visas available. The Covid epidemic has prompted some countries to offer specific visas for teleworking. The advantage of telecommuting is that you’re not stuck in one country. You can start by teleworking in a country that appeals to you. Once there, you’re free to move around as you please to another destination. The country is also determined by the cost of living abroad, which can change the way you see your new life.

Where can I telework abroad?

  • Mauritius with the Premium Travel Visa, provided you earn at least $1600 per month.
  • Dubai with the Virtual Working Program. You can stay for 1 year, provided you already have a business paying you $5,000.
  • Costa Rica with the “Residencia Temporal Empleados Especializados por cuenta propia” if you are self-employed, this visa is valid for 2 years.
  • Mexico with the “Residencia Temporal” valid for 1 year and renewable for 4 years, provided you can prove that you have $27,000 at the time of visa application.
  • Some European countries offer visas for teleworkers: Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany with the “Freiberufler” visa, Portugal with Madeira, Iceland and Greece with attractive tax conditions, including a 50% tax reduction for the first 7 years.
  • Exotic islands: the Barmades with the “12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp” visa, provided you earn $50,000 within the year, Antigua and Barbada with the Antigua Nomad Digital Residence visa, the Cayman Islands with the ” The Global Citizen Concierge Program “subject to earning $100,000 a year, Bermuda with “Work From Bermuda” for up to one year.
  • Thailand with the Smart Visa S, which requires several financial criteria and compulsory health insurance. The visa allows you to work in Thailand for up to 4 years.

How do you become a digital nomad?

The freelancer

Freelancing is a type of work that allows you to work anywhere in the world and thus become a digital nomad. The number of missions you can complete is virtually unlimited.
First of all, you need to build up a good clientele who will leave you testimonials and recommendations about your services. Your skills will become your brand. You have to do your own communicating. Make yourself known by undertaking marketing actions about you and your work. You can call on your network, your former employers or use one of the many online platforms offering freelance assignments.

Working remotely

Before you quit your job and start your own business, try to negotiate with your company. In fact, you can ask to work remotely. For your employer, it reduces operating costs.

International health insurance for the digital nomad

In all cases, it is essential that you take out international health insurance. Rates vary according to your age and destination. An international insurance policy like Gold Start gives you total freedom to choose your destination and status, while providing worldwide protection in the event of illness or accident. The self-employed are the main users of this type of health insurance abroad. You can take it out for a few months up to several years.

  • Global coverage for all types of private or business stays
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses up to 100% of actual costs
  • Permanent assistance abroad to guarantee your medical and legal security
  • Repatriation, if necessary, to your country of origin or to a country with the infrastructure to treat you.

You can request a free quote and take out your telework abroad insurance directly online. The advantage of traveling, working and all in ideal conditions thanks to our insurance.

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