Medicare French, French clinic in Earl’s Court

When you come to live in London, it’s not always easy to find a clinic or a good doctor who speaks French. Mondassur helps you find the right clinics. Today, French Medicare.


Medicare Français, a French-speaking team in West London

If you want to find a quality clinic in West London, you can go to Medicare Français. Here, a large team of French and French-speaking doctors are on hand to listen to you and take care of you and your family.

Medicare Français is actually the French clinic with the most French-speaking specialist doctors in England, with specialists in Allergology, Gynecology, Ecography, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy and many other disciplines.

Do you need a French gynecologist in London? Would you like your children to be seen by a French paediatrician in London? Le Médicare Français can help.

Personalized support

In addition to standard medicine and these specialties, the clinic also has a pharmacy, a dental area and a parapharmacy. The clinic also takes care of medical home visits. At the Medicare Français clinic, the emphasis is on patient proximity andsupport. All practitioners are bilingual in French and English, so we can welcome everyone. As medicine is a separate field, it’s always best to be able to speak your native language in a clinic.

How do I access Médicare Français?

The Medicare Français clinic is located at 198-200 Earl’s Court road, London, SW5 9QF, close to Earl’sCourt subway station. You can contact the clinic by e-mail: or by telephone on 020 7370 4999. Mondassur offers you insurance coverage in the French Medicare clinic with an international health insurance.

How do I get reimbursed for my Medicare French consultations?

To have your healthcare expenses covered, you need insurance. There are several types of English insurance (PMI), but often the most attractive packages for expatriates are international health insurance plans that provide full coverage and are not limited to a network of partners. Mondassur offers you a very attractive insurance policy: GoldExpat 1er euro and GoldExpat CFE, in addition to CFE and available in 3 formulas to suit all budgets.

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