6 essential tips for doing business in Japan

The key words for Japan: Professionalism, Patience and Perseverance!

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  • No amateurism, be professional and precise. Some examples: leave documents at the end of the meeting or better yet your presentation on a USB key.
  • Get help. It is sometimes better to pay for the services of an intermediary specialized in Japan, a facilitator, rather than wasting a lot of time and money trying to do everything yourself! Remember that Japan is a country of intermediaries.
  • The ritual of exchanging business cards is a very important must: hand it to your interlocutor with both hands and carefully read the one you are given!
  • Beware of misunderstandings: Speak clearly, make regular summaries, let your interlocutor express himself and never consider that he has perfectly understood your words!
  • Stay modest and calm. Don’t go into a “Latin” rage and don’t show your feelings even if the person you are talking to exasperates you!
  • Do not rush the pace. You must be and remain available for your interlocutors even on vacation without rushing things. The Japanese are loyal and the relationships are long term. It is better to lose a few weeks or months in the negotiation to put all your chances on your side.
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