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Would you like to travel to Indonesia? Remember to take out travel or health insurance for yourself and your family. That way, you can leave with peace of mind and avoid any unexpected financial, health or legal risks.

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Indonesia is a captivating country in Southeast Asia, offering a diversity of urban and natural landscapes of great beauty. To make the most of your stay, discover our list of must-sees! And don’t forget to take out travel insurance for peace of mind. Indeed, adequate health cover will help you avoid financial and legal problems in the event of an incident. Our team at Mondassur is here to help you choose your travel insurance for Indonesia and advise you on the various options available on the market, so you can find the package that best suits your situation and your needs.

Travel insurance
Travel Pass

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Travel insurance
Horizon 365

Appropriate health insurance if you travel at least twice a year.



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Travel insurance
Gold Start

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How to choose travel insurance for Indonesia?

When to visit Indonesia

Indonesia’s climate is hot and humid. Temperatures generally vary between 25 and 32°C.

There is a rainy season between October and April, when humidity levels can reach 75%. The weather is particularly wet in January and February.

The dry season lasts from May to October, when the weather is more pleasant.

The best time to visit Java is from May to September, Moluku from September to March.

NB: Indonesians are on vacation in June and July, so tourist sites are very busy at this time.

Must-see places in Indonesia

Indonesia is a travel destination you’ll never tire of. It has an inexhaustible supply of landscapes and places of interest that will keep you coming back for more.

Every region of Indonesia has its own treasures to discover. Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi are the most popular tourist destinations. But there are other regions to discover too.

Why travel to Indonesia?

First and foremost for its nature:

Indonesia offers an inexhaustible list of beaches, volcanoes, forests and rice paddies to visit. Bali’s rice terraces, Tegallalang and Jatiluwih, are among the most famous in Asia. The Bromo volcano and Kawa Ijen crater are also recommended destinations for tourists visiting Java. Indonesia is also famous for its dense forests and the presence of monkeys within them.

But also for its culture:

There are many temples and meditation centers in Indonesia. The temples of Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu) are very popular with tourists to Java. Bali’s Gunung Kawi tombs also offer a haven of peace and history to discover.

Traditional dances are regularly performed in the different regions of Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to ask about their timetables at your destination.

Regional specialities

Food in Indonesia is quite affordable. In fact, there are a number of very different eateries with their own signature dishes and a variety of prices.

To eat at a low price, take a look at the street vendors (kaki lima) and small street restaurants (warung). Prices range from 12,000 to 25,000 rupiahs (€1 to €2). It can sometimes cost up to 40,000 rupiahs (€3) in very touristy areas.

Here you can try the famous Mie Gireng (wok-fried noodles), Sate (meat skewers) and Soto (traditional soups).

Always choose cooked or boiled dishes, to avoid food poisoning. Raw food is not recommended in Indonesia, as our foreign stomachs are not used to digesting it.

A meal in a more traditional restaurant is estimated at around €5 (75,000 rupiahs). This price can go up to €8 per person, depending on the quality of the restaurant and its location.

There are hundreds of traditional dishes to try in Indonesia.

We recommend :

  • Nasi Campar (rice with vegetables),
  • Bebek Betutu (duck stuffed with spices and cooked over an open fire)
  • Ikan bakar (grilled fish)
  • and Rendang (beef curry with coconut milk)

Tourist sites generally offer articles on specialties by region (Java, Bali, Sumatra…). Don’t hesitate to ask beforehand, so you can taste the best of each one.

Which travel insurance is right for Indonesia?

Please note that the quality and price of care vary greatly from one country to another. Our article on the healthcare system in Indonesia provides information on the country’s healthcare conditions. For peace of mind when traveling, it’s important to take out travel insurance. This way, you can protect your family from any eventuality, and make the most of your vacation. Mondassur offers you an insurance policy tailored to your needs, providing excellent coverage at a very good price: the Travel Pass.
  • Medical expenses reimbursed at 100% of actual costs, up to 500,000 Euros
  • Reimbursement of emergency dental expenses
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform
  • Free medical information telephone service available 24/7
  • Repatriation assistance and accident cover
  • Third-party liability, including for your vacation rental
  • Luggage insurance
This overseas health insurance covers travelers worldwide up to the age of 85, at a cost starting from €30 per person per trip. Mondassur saves you time by researching and selecting the insurance best suited to your situation, and by offering you the opportunity to take out and obtain your insurance certificate quickly. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have by e-mail or telephone. Every policyholder has access to a 24/7 medical platform accessible from anywhere in the world.
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