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Indonesia's appeal to students lies in its rich cultural diversity, quality academic institutions, and unique learning opportunities. These combined elements offer a unique and enriching educational and cultural experience.

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The process for studying in Indonesia is fairly straightforward, requiring essential documents such as a letter of acceptance from a local university, recommendations, academic transcripts, a health insurance certificate… Having international student insurance is therefore essential, not only to meet administrative requirements, but also to protect your budget and your health. Such medical coverage offers protection in the event of illness or accident during your stay in Indonesia, ensuring the financial security you need for a carefree academic experience.

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Cost-effective international health insurance for emergencies.



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Health insurance with a good cover/price ratio.



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How do I choose student insurance for Indonesia?

Can I be covered by social security in Indonesia as a foreign student?

Indonesia’s social security system (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional – JKN) was reformed in 2014, to include coverage for all Indonesians, including health, work-related accidents, old age and death. This system applies to foreigners residing in Indonesia for more than six months, but has certain limitations in terms of quality and accessibility of care, particularly outside urban and tourist areas such as Bali and Jakarta.

The Indonesian healthcare system is considered one of the weakest in Southeast Asia, with a significant lack of medical staff and infrastructure. Public hospitals are often overcrowded, and rural health centers (Pukesmas) are not equipped for serious care. Private establishments generally offer better services but at higher costs

The majority of foreign students in Indonesia take out private health insurance, as they do not have access to JKN and seek treatment in private health establishments. International health insurance is the most sensible choice, as it offers more extensive cover, including possible treatment abroad. You’ll also benefit from repatriation assistance, third-party liability and dental and optical cover. Get a quote for your international student insurance!

Health insurance for foreign students in Indonesia

For your study stay in Indonesia, health insurance is essential, although options are limited. Firstly, there’s BPJS, the Indonesian health insurance system, often considered insufficient for foreign students due to its limited coverage and restricted choice of hospitals, forcing many to frequent the same establishments. Secondly, local Indonesian health insurance can be limited in terms of coverage and impractical, especially for those not used to the local health system. In contrast, private international student insurance, such as Mondassur’s GoldStudent, is highly recommended. GoldStudent offers comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs as an international student, including international medical coverage, repatriation assistance, and other essential benefits for students living abroad! Discover the different GoldStudent insurance packages.

How much does health insurance for international students cost in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, the cost of health insurance for students varies according to the type of insurance, the length of study stay and the coverage chosen. The government-run BPJS Kesehatan public health insurance is affordable, costing around €10 per month, but has several limitations, such as restricted access to certain hospitals that are often overcrowded and have long waiting times. Local private insurances offer more flexibility, but are mainly designed for local residents, and may have limits for certain treatments and cover only in Indonesia, i.e. you won’t be covered when you travel. For foreigners, including students, international health insurances offer more extensive coverage with higher annual ceilings. Mondassur’s GoldStudent offers you more cover, with costs starting from €27 per month. Get a quotation Get a free quote for your international student insurance, choose the GoldStudent plan that suits your needs and budget, and take out your insurance online!

Do I need health insurance for my Study Visa in Indonesia?

You’ll need proof of health insurance to obtain your study visa for Indonesia. The list of documents required for the visa application process specifically mentions the need for a “recently issued health certificate”. This certificate is interpreted as proof of good health, and generally implies the need for health insurance to cover any medical expenses during your stay in Indonesia.
Please note that visa requirements can vary, so check with your nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate, or directly with the university in Indonesia where you intend to study. What’s more, for further information on insurance and advice tailored to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact our advisors, who will be delighted to help you. In the meantime, get a free quote for student health insurance in Indonesia!

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