Go to the sun, yes, but watch out for the monsoon!

In Asia, monsoons happen all the time! Winter and summer …. It’s never easy to know when and where to leave.


The Maldives

Is it cold and gray in your home country? Go to the Maldives, from January to April. These four months are the most beautiful. But beware: the period to avoid is from May to November.


For summer, it’s not the best, especially in July! The monsoon arrives in June, often with torrential rain and violent storms. This period ends in late September in the northwest and late October in the northeast.
Winter, from mid-November to mid-March, remains the best time to travel and enjoyIndia. But avoid destinations where it’s too cold, such as Kashmir, Ladakh, Sikkim and northern Assam.

Sri Lanka

As in the Maldives, we recommend the period from January to April. This is the sunniest and least rainy period. Sri Lanka experiences a monsoon from May to the end of August on the coast.


The rainy season lasts from May-June to October. Showers are short and violent. Often, the sky remains cloudy and the atmosphere heavy. The warm season (March to May) is particularly pleasant in the cooler mountain regions.


In Thailand, the period difference is less well defined. The monsoon arrives in June and lasts until October, but it’s still possible to enjoy long hours of sunshine. But if you want to be sure of getting a tan and avoid the dreariness of your home country, prefer the months of January to April.


The summer monsoon begins in May and ends in early November in the north of the country, and in late November in the south and the capital. During this monsoon, rain falls in abundance. In April and May, the atmosphere is heavy.
December and January are the best months to travel to Cambodia.


The rainy season starts in May and July-August is the period of heaviest rainfall. Temperatures are mild, and sometimes cool from November to April.
The best time to visit Vietnam is from May to October, even if the weather is occasionally gray and foggy.


The best time to visit Malaysia is during the summer: from May to September. However, from November to February, it’s best to avoid this period.


The months of December and January are preferable, as the island gains ground on the sea.
The hot weather is fairly short-lived. May sees the start of the southwest monsoon, which brings very high temperatures and sunshine, but also violent thunderstorms. It ends in September. Choose the coastline and avoid central Singapore.


Indonesia isn’t that simple! The dry season extends from May to June, with June to September being the most favorable months on the archipelago’s southern and eastern islands. May, September and October are the best times to enjoy Bali while avoiding the flood of tourists. In Sumatra and Borneo, it rains all year round, with a slight slowdown between June and September. The heaviest rains are recorded between December and March, during the winter monsoon from the sea.


In Taiwan, the summer monsoon takes place from April to September. The mountains are the hardest hit. The best period is therefore from October to March. And April to September is the period to avoid.

The Philippines

To visit the archipelago during the relatively dry season, prefer the months between December and February. On the other hand, during this period, the eastern coasts of Luzon, Samar and northern Mindanao are abundantly watered by the monsoon. March to May are fairly dry and warm in the same regions. The months from June to October should be avoided.

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