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Indonesia is the 16th global economic power (data from IMF, 2017). With almost 50% of its population under 30 years old in 2015, it is a vibrant country that offers numerous market opportunities.

Indeed, the number of French expats in Indonesia rose by almost 2% between 2016 and 2017.


Can I enter without visa?

Visa exemption exists for people staying less than 30 days in the country. It covers the following reasons: tourism, leisure, culture, visit to a relative, participation to lectures. Also, you don’t need a visa if you just stop by before continuing your journey to another country.

To do so, you’ll need a passport that will still be valid 6 months after your repatriation from Indonesia. You will also have to present round-trip tickets from your home country to prove your length of stay.

You can find the list of the 169 nationalities benefiting from this exemption on the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration’s website.

Other short-term stays requiring visas


In case your touristic trip exceeds 30 days, a tourist visa for 60 days exists. It costs 55€.

Requirements to obtain this visa are listed on the Indonesian Embassy’s website in your country.

This visa can be activated in the following 90 days after obtention. It’s valid for 60 days starting from your date of entry on the Indonesian’s territory, as stamped on your passport.

For other purposes such as: visiting relatives or friends, humanitarian or religious reasons, there is a socio-cultural visa. It costs the exact same price as the tourist one.

Please note that the requirements for this visa may vary according to your motives to enter Indonesia.


Students can also get a socio-cultural visa if they are admitted in exchange programs or for internships.

These visas require a repatriation insurance, as well as supporting documents from the host university or company in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Embassy’s website provides all necessary information to apply for this visa.

Work in Indonesia

Business Trip

There are two types of visas for people going on a business trip in this country:

- The Non-extendible Business visa for 60 days: 55€

- The Multiple entries Business visa: 105€

To get these ones, you’ll have to provide a mission statement from your home company. You will also need a certificate of incorporation and an invitation letter from the Indonesian company.

Long stay visa for work purpose (312)

Price for this visa vary according to the length of stay:

- 55€ for less than 6 months on the territory.

- 105€ from 6 months to 1 year.

This visa requires a copy of your Indonesian contract of employment and an authorization from the Indonesian Ministry for Labor. The work permit is called IMTA. We advise you to take an international healthcare insurance plan.

If you plan to stay less than 6 months in Indonesia, a copy of your round-trip tickets is also required.

Teachers, scholars and scientists.

The long-run visa for research (315) requires an agreement from Menristek, the Indonesian Ministry for Research.

The long-run visa for education (316) necessitates an agreement from Mendiknas, the Indonesian Ministry for Higher Education.

In both cases, you’ll have to provide an admission letter from the host university or organization. A repatriation insurance is also required.

Visas’ price depends on the length of stay. Fees are the same as those for work visas.

In all cases, other documents are needed. The exhaustive list is available on the Embassy’s website.

Other long-term visas

You want to visit Indonesia for other reasons than those listed above? These ones might be made for you :

Family reunification visa (317)

One of your relatives lives in Indonesia and you want to join them? You’ll need a copy of the marriage certificate or family record as well as your relative’s KITAS.

Retirement visa (319)

You are planning to enjoy your retirement under the Sun ? Indonesia welcomes people over 55 years old holding a retirement visa. It requires, inter alia, the following documents:

- a certificate of retirement from your home country.

- an Indonesian proof of adress.

- your criminal record.

- a repatriation insurance.

You can access the exhaustive list of required documents on the Indonesian Embassy’s website.Other information on life in Indonesia is available on our website.

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