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Spain is an excellent destination that does not lack assets to attract expatriates from around the world. In fact, many foreigners want to live in Spain.

This article offers a selection of the different reasons to live in Spain.

The climate :

Spain is the sunniest country in Europe, and its climate has been ranked among the healthiest in the world. In winter, the average maximum temperature is 13 ° C. Lovers of sun and heat will find their account.

Gastronomy :

Famous all over the world, the Spanish cuisine is very varied and offers many good things such as paella, Galician octopus (Pulpo a la gallega), garlic chicken, Iberian ham and chorizo ​​... Not to mention wines, beers, and typically Spanish sangrias

Learn the Spanish language:

Spanish is a very useful language and easy to learn. In addition, it is important to speak Spanish to integrate in Spain, because the Spanish do not speak anything else.

The Spanish people:

The Spaniards are very friendly and live in harmony with foreigners. Creating a network of friends and acquaintances is only a matter of time.

The cost of living :

On average, the price of consumer goods is 17% lower than in France, which will allow you to reduce your budget. So you can afford some extras: more outings to the restaurant and weekends to the beach

Proximity to European countries :

Spain is the ideal destination to avoid having homesickness as it is not far from other big northern countries such as Germany, the UK or France. It is served by many means of transport (plane, train, bus, carpooling ...)

Culture :

Living in Spain will allow you to immerse yourself in a rich and diverse culture, which can be very different from one region to another.

The diversity of landscapes:

Spain has a real diversity of landscapes. Whatever your tastes, whether you prefer to live in the city or the countryside, the mountains or the sea, you'll have no trouble finding what you need to flourish.

Festive atmosphere :

You will appreciate this festive spirit which animates the daily life of the Spaniards. They like to meet each other to share friendly and warm moments. They are also used to meeting at the exit of offices to enjoy the good weather.

Before you expatriate in Spain, do not forget to take out insurance for expatriates. Discover Mondassur insurance solutions with flexible guarantees according to your profile and your budget.


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