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At the crossroads of different cultures, Colombia invites you to explore a multi-faceted society. With a population of over 50 million, the country is also home to a considerable number of expatriates in South America. This cultural diversity offers a rich and unique experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in a fascinating cultural mix.

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Colombia is the land where joie de vivre is contagious. It’s known for its warm and friendly people, and offers a variety of ecosystems unique in the world thanks to its Caribbean coast, mountain ranges, Amazon rainforest, and paradise-like islands… So what’s there to see in Colombia? Before you leave, take out travel insurance for Colombia to cover all your risks.

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Travel insurance Colombia
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Travel insurance Colombia
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How to choose travel insurance for Colombia?

When to go to Colombia

As in many tropical countries, there are no seasons in Colombia. The climate varies according to altitude and geography. The closer you are to the sea, the warmer you’ll be, and the higher you are, the colder you’ll be. The dry season is the most pleasant time to visit the country, in other words, our European winter period.

Must-see places in Colombia

  • Bogota: The Colombian capital is known as the Athens of South America, thanks to its cultural heritage. The colonial district of La Candelaria attracts tourists with its architecture and colorful houses. At an altitude of 3152 metres, Cerro Monserrate offers panoramic views of Bogotá and the surrounding area. This place is particularly popular during religious festivals, as it is a place of peregrination for Colombians. Zona Rosa is the capital’s chic district, known for its restaurants, pubs and shopping centers. The Gold Museum is visited by tourists from all over the world. It is known for the pre-Columbian treasures it guards. This is one of Bogotá’s must-sees.
  • Cartagena: Pearl of the Caribbean and Colombia’s tourist capital, Cartagena is a must-see on any trip to Colombia. Cartagena’s old town seduces visitors with its narrow streets that still retain the charm of the colonial period and the Florentine dome of the Santa Catalina Alejandria cathedral.
  • Cali: Known for its rich Afro-Colombian culture and bohemian neighborhoods like San Antonio. It is also the capital of salsa. Discover the Cerro de las tres Cruces, a hill with three crosses overlooking Cali. It offers a breathtaking view of the city.
  • San Andrès and Providencia Islands: These islands offer picture-postcard scenery, with their deserted turquoise beaches and coral reefs. Don’t miss a boat trip through the mangroves of Providencia’s Parque Nacional Natural Old Providence McBean Lagoon.
  • Santa Marta: This spectacular city combines beauty and culture. Its turquoise beaches and unspoilt countryside attract many tourists. Places to visit in Santa Marta include Quebrada Valencia, a small river that forms high waterfalls, Santa Marta Cathedral, the first basilica built in South America, and the Lost City, one of the oldest Indian villages.
  • The town of Popayan: The historic center of this town can be explored on foot, with its typical narrow streets, religious buildings and monuments testifying to its past.
  • Sierra Nevada del Cocuy: This mountain range is one of the most beautiful and impressive in South America, attracting more and more hikers every year.
  • Leticia, gateway to the Colombian Amazon: The Leticia region in southern Colombia is home to a number of national parks and reserves. You can discover its natural parks and reserves on foot, accompanied by a guide, or by kayak on the Amazon. Enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna, including howler monkeys, pink Amazonian dolphins, charapas (the world’s largest freshwater turtle), black alligators…

Travel insurance for Colombia?

We strongly recommend that you take out sound international health insurance for your trip to Colombia. Depending on your needs and the criteria you’re looking for, Mondassur offers a range of travel insurance packages to give you peace of mind. Don’t worry and travel happy when you take out travel insurance for Colombia. Our insurance policies cover 100% of your medical expenses and guarantee you the best rates on the market.

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