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Before you leave for Colombia, would you consider purchasing travel insurance for the country? Mondassur allows you to cover all your risks (health, repatriation, baggage...) by choosing a personalized international health insurance policy adapted to all your needs.

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In preparation for your trip to Colombia, have you considered taking out insurance to cover yourself? Mondassur offers a complete range of insurance products to meet all your needs, whether for health, repatriation or baggage protection. You can choose from our personalized international health insurance offers, perfectly tailored to your situation. Whether you are an expatriate in Colombia, a student or a tourist, we have options with specific cover for each case.

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Insurance to cover your studies in Colombia.



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Expatriate insurance

Health insurance to cover your expatriation to Colombia.



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Travel insurance

Health insurance to cover your trip to Colombia.



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Information about health insurance in Colombia

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Political system: Republic
Capital: Bogota
Surface area: 1,141,748 km²
Population: 49.07 million
Languages spoken: Spanish
Currency: Colombian peso

Colombia's healthcare system

Colombia invests 7.2% of its GDP in health and social protection, compared with the Latin American average of 4%.

The General Health Social Security System (Sistema general de seguridad social en salud) guarantees universal coverage and access to basic health care for over 85% of the Colombian population. But travelers and expatriates in Colombia don’t benefit from it. Colombian doctors are competent. Most of them are trained abroad and work in the country’s major cities.

Hospitals are very often overcrowded, and foreigners prefer to go to private establishments that bring together the most qualified doctors and provide a better quality of care. But you often have to pay before you can receive treatment.
The price of consultations can vary from €40 to €50 for a consultation with a general practitioner and from €45 to €50 for a? 100 € from a specialist.

Health insurance in Colombia for foreigners

There is no social security agreement between France and Colombia.
Expatriates can take out health insurance with EPS (Entidad Promorota de Salud), a state-controlled private organization. The latter is the equivalent of a mutual insurance company in France.
There’s also “Medicina Prepagada”, a luxury health insurance plan. Premiums are calculated on the basis of age and illnesses declared at the date of subscription.

If you are planning to work in Colombia, you should know that all companies are obliged to affiliate their employees to a PES service. Employees are free to choose the PSE that suits them best. His employer will have to pay the employer’s contributions to the POS (plan obligatorio de salud).

The company covers the bulk of its employees’ PSE and POS costs: the monthly contribution is equivalent to 12.5% of the employee’s salary. 8.5% is financed directly by the company and the remaining 4% is deducted directly from the employee’s pay.

A minimum of 4 weeks’ contributions is required for EPS to cover the costs of so-called “common” illnesses.
Depending on your EPS or complementary health insurance, you may or may not be admitted to certain clinics. Self-employed doctors also reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept members of a particular mutual insurance company.

Do I need health insurance in Colombia?

For the reasons outlined above, and because you are not covered at 100% by the CFE, we strongly recommend that you take out international health insurance before you leave. A good private insurance policy guarantees 100% coverage of actual hospital costs, with optional assistance coverage (repatriation and civil liability) to compensate for local shortcomings.

Which health insurance for Colombia?

To support you in your expatriation to Colombia, Mondassur offers you GoldExpat, Colombian insurance that can be tailored to your situation, ideal and adapted to expatriates in the country of endless biodiversity. GoldExpat insurance, from the 1st euro and in addition to CFE, guarantees you international coverage tailored to your needs, including hospitalization and repatriation costs, as well as reimbursement of optical and dental care.

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