Learning English in the United States

What better place to learn English than in the “country where anything is possible”?


Every year, tens of thousands of students go to the United Statesto learn English. Studying at an American university becomes accessible to all: high school students, students, recent graduates. Whether it’s an apprenticeship, a development, a language trip or a rewarding trip, EuropUsa has selected many programs at prestigious universities in the United States.

You have the exclusive advantage of being able to participate in the activities of the university you choose as well as to live in immersion the American student life.

Depending on your needs, different courses are available from 2 weeks to 1 semester or more.

Take English courses in the US

Intensive English courses on American campus:

These courses improve your English with an intensive English program of about 20 hours per week on the campus of the partner university of your choice. Available throughout the year, sessions range from 4 to 15 weeks.

Preparing English tests in the US:

To join major French schools or if you wish to continue your studies in the United States, you will be asked to pass the TOEFL or IELTS. That’s why EuropUsa presents you with the opportunity to prepare for the tests.

Language stays for high school students in the United States:

The international experience is also open to younger people (11-17 years old) with summer programs combining English lessons and the discovery of America:

  • Discovering American culture
  • Discovery of the university
  • English and cinema
  • Summer sport

English lessons and sports or cultural activities:

Learn English with morning classes up to 20 hours a week while enjoying the holidays while practicing the sports or cultural activity of your choice:

  • surfing
  • tennis
  • Yoga
  • dance
  • music
  • cinema
  • photography

Take academic training

To go to American university for a semester or a year for campus studies. EuropUSA selects with you the university that best fits your profile and your means to help you study a semester, one or more years in the United States. Why go to the Usa to study? This experience will enhance your CV thanks to the knowledge acquired and the experience stored.

You can leave directly after obtaining your bachelor’s degree or at any time in your university course. You can therefore apply for a Bachelor, Master or MBA if your profile allows.

Dates vary depending on the university, but most of the time:

  • The first half of the year takes place from mid-August/end august to mid-December/end of December
  • The second half of the year runs from January to mid-May/end-May.

Take trades training in the U.S.

You are a student, a recent graduate or an employee, you want to improve in your field.

It is an opportunity to train with specific courses: law, business, entrepreneurship, teaching… Available in the summer or year-round for varying durations at different US universities depending on the program chosen:

  • Studying law in the United States – summer courses for students or legal professionals
  • Studying business in the United States – intensive English courses around the business available year-round for students and professionals
  • Social Entrepreneurship in the United States – 6 to 8 weeks of life throughout the year giving you the keys to social entrepreneurship.
  • Learn teaching in the USA – 4-week course all year round for an added value to your teaching methods.

Many structures offer courses abroad, to find out how to choose your English courses abroad.

Mondassur also offers student insurance abroad that covers you in the USA but also around the world.

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