The United States: top destination for learning English

Is there any truth to the widespread prejudice that the French are bad at foreign languages ? Yes, according to a serious study carried out by the European Commission involving over 50,000 high school students in 14 countries.


When it comes to proficiency in English, the huge gap between France and Sweden is strikingly revealing. According to the results of this study, 80% of Swedish teenagers were judged competent, compared with just 14% of their French peers.

Out-of-school practice has long been advocated, and many have taken the initiative to give themselves the best chance.

In 2012, the United States was a resounding success, dominating the global language travel market in terms of revenue, attracting 33% of students, just ahead of the UK (32%) and Canada (13.5%). At a time when more and more graduates are opting for expatriation, the stakes are high. The future comes early.

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