How to study in the USA

The United States has the largest number of international students in the world. Nearly 5% of students in higher education in the USA are foreigners, and this proportion is rising all the time. Uncle Sam’s country has one of the most structured and perhaps the most prestigious education systems in the world. There are 4,000 universities in the United States, including some very prestigious ones such as Harvard, UC Berkeley, Yale… If you’ve ever thought of going there, you need to be aware of the requirements and steps you need to take to achieve your goal. It’s best to plan well in advance before you leave.
Here’s what you need to do before attempting this famous experiment.


Student visas in the United States

Before applying for a U.S. student visa, you need to determine the type of visa you need. For students, there are 3 types of visa:

Le visa F-1

The F-1 visa is the most frequently requested. It applies to foreign university or language students who wish to study at an accredited American institution for more than 18 hours a week. These establishments can be public or private, institutions offering English language learning programs, high schools and universities.

Le visa J-1

The J-1 visa is a type of visa for student trainees, V.I.E. students, teachers and researchers. It authorizes them to work on site for up to 18 months. Its aim is to promote intellectual and cultural exchanges.

Le visa M-1

The M-1 visa is for foreign students wishing to take non-university courses at vocational and practical training schools (cooking, airline pilots, electricity, etc.). It is granted to people coming to the United States to enter a full-time program at an accredited non-academic institution. The total duration of your stay in the U.S. may not exceed 1 year.

Proving your level of English to study in the USA

The official language in the USA is English, so courses will logically be taught in this language. You need to be fluent in English to study in the United States. To be accepted into an American university, you need to prove your level of English. Most universities require TOEFL or IELTS. Some will test you directly online. Whichever option you choose, your score must be within the quota of the university you are applying to.

The cost of studying in the United States

Annual tuition fees at American universities vary according to the prestige of the university and the amenities available to students. Generally speaking, the annual cost is between $25,000 and $50,000. Some universities charge well above average tuition fees. An academic year at Harvard costs around $90,000. There are opportunities to study in the USA for free. Some American universities, such as Berea College, do not charge tuition fees to foreign students. This type of university is rare, since there are only 7 in the United States.

Avez-vous le droit à une bourse d’études aux USA ?

Scholarships for foreign students are extremely rare. For graduate studies, there are organizations that can offer scholarships. However, undergraduate scholarships are hard to come by. However, some universities offer scholarships for excellence to students admitted as undergraduates. You’ll need to check that this is the case with your chosen university.

Vérifiez les conditions d’admission de l’université

Each university in the USA has its own admission requirements. Before you leave for the United States, you should have a general idea of the different admission requirements for American universities. The most common conditions that you can find in all universities in the USA are the following:
– Be over 17 years of age
– Good command of English (TOFEL test)
– Hold a bachelor’s degree
– Good grades
– Being healthy
– Demonstrate adaptability and openness
– Finance your studies

Préparez et envoyez votre dossier d’inscription

Generally speaking, each university and faculty has its own application documents. It is advisable to start the process 10 to 12 months before the start of the school year, to ensure optimal conditions.
There’s a lot of competition to get into an American university. So you need to prepare a solid, complete file. CV (resume in English), cover letter, study plans, references and your diplomas translated into English are all documents that must be included in your application. More information about applying to an American university in the USA.

Compulsory student insurance in the USA

Once you have received a positive response from the university, there are other criteria to meet before you can study in the United States. Indeed, a large number of universities in the United States require international students to be covered by health insurance from the start of their studies.

Some American universities offer their own insurance policies, sometimes managed directly by an insurer. They are always more expensive than our health insurance for international students. Why? The business model of American insurers and universities is different from that of our European insurers and Mondassur, a broker specialized in international health insurance. We focus our efforts on negotiating the best value for money for our policyholders, managing our policyholders and controlling our costs. This is our role as a specialist broker.

To help you choose the right cover for your studies, Mondassur offers a range of international student insurance policies that meet the criteria of American universities and guarantee acceptance.

Request a free online quote for your insurance in the USA or contact the Mondassur team for any other request.

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