Do I need expatriate insurance?

Are you still wondering why you should take out international health insurance?

Discover the funny situations of these 5 people and see the benefits of taking out health insurance for your whole family.


Léa, expatriate in Austria

Léa and Vincent have been living in Austria for 5 years, working as freelance designers. Léa has just found out she’s pregnant.

The benefits of health insurance: By taking out international health insurance, you’ll be covered for the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.

Alexandre, expatriate in Asia

Alexandre has been living in Japan with his wife and children for 2 years. One morning, Alexandre slips on the stairs and breaks his arm trying to catch himself.

The benefits of health insurance : Choosing international health insurance enabled him to benefit from direct payment of his hospital bills. So he didn’t advance any money for treatment, knowing that the one-day hospitalization cost him 2,500 EUR. The insurance enabled him to meet the exorbitant cost of his hospitalization.

Lucas, expatriate in Africa

Mélanie and Lucas settled in Senegal a few years ago. One day, Lucas suffers a stroke and has to be rushed to hospital.

The benefits of health insurance : Health infrastructures on the African continent are of very uneven quality. With an international health insurance policy, Lucas benefited from repatriation assistance guarantees so that he could be quickly evacuated to the hospital best suited to his situation.

Sophie, expatriate in America

Julien leaves to join his girlfriend Sophie, who has been living in Miami for 1 year. Meeting his girlfriend at the airport, Julien notices that she has a bad cough but doesn’t want to go to the doctor because the cost of a consultation is too high. Untreated, Sophie was sick and bedridden throughout her boyfriend’s stay in Miami.

The benefits of health insurance: Healthcare costs in the United States are among the highest in the world. To avoid long-term illnesses, and to treat illnesses as soon as the first symptoms appear to avoid complications, Sophie should have taken out expatriate insurance that could be adapted to her needs and budget.

Luc, expatriate in Oceania

Arthur and Luc have been living in Sydney for 9 months. One weekend, they decide to rent a van to visit Western Australia. Following a road accident, they end up in hospital before being repatriated to France. The cost of transport by air ambulance: approximately 42,000 EUR.

The benefits of health insurance: By taking out health insurance abroad, they were covered for their emergency situation without impacting their budget.

Mondassur has been the expatriate insurance specialist for nearly 15 years. Whether you’re a student, a trainee, a PVTist, a globetrotter or an employee, whether you’re going away alone or with your family, we’ll find you a health insurance policy to suit your situation.

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