How can I facilitate my expat procedures?

If you live abroad, you can register with the Register of French people living outside France if you wish. This is more simply called consularregistration. This registration makes it easier for you to do business abroad.


How do I register for the Register of French people living outside France?

You can do this either directly by making an appointment at the consulate.

Either by correspondence (fax or email) by justifying and attaching

  • Your identity
  • Your French nationality
  • Your residence in the consular district
  • A recent photo ID
  • The completed application form

Either directly online via the public service website

This registration is valid for 5 years in most countries of the world and the procedures are almost similar in all consulates. You can find a list of the steps to be taken on the sites of each consulate.

Why register with the Register of French people living outside France?

Make it easier for you to do business from abroad

This registration is essential for procedures such as:

  • The issuance of a passport or ID card from the consulate
  • The application for a scholarship
  • Registration on an electoral list of a commune in France
  • Registration on the consular electoral list

Vote from abroad

By being registered on the consular electoral list, you will be able to vote in the national and European elections. If you are registered on the electoral list of a commune in France, you will be able to vote from the polling station of the consulate at all elections.
This just allows you a simpler and faster process. In any case, you can vote by proxy in any case without being registered at the consulate.

Have access to your information in case of a glitch

When registered, the consulate has your address, your phone number. This allows it to help you in the event of a natural disaster, health problems etc. This is for the consulate, the opportunity to give you important information about the security of the country.

Attend the “Garden Party” on July 14

On the day of the national holiday in France, each consular representative organizes his “Garden party” where all French expatriates are invited. But to have the joy of shaking hands with the ambassador and enjoying this unique gathering, you will need to be registered in the Register of French people established outside France.

Take out expat insurance

To simplify your administrative procedures and above all reduce your repayment times, we strongly advise you to take out expatriate insurance.

  • Buy expat insurance in the 1st euro: Comprehensive insurance that covers a large part of medical expenses with very high reimbursement limits. Our insurance companies cover hospitalization at 100 of the actual costs incurred.
  • Purchase insurance in addition to the CFE: Even if you are already covered in part by the CFE, it is nevertheless important to take out supplementary health insurance. It prevents all risks and especially management of hospitalization or repatriation assistance.

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