Russia Visa Insurance for expatriates

General information on the Russian healthcare system

In order to set up the current social security system, the In the 90s, Russia had to embark on a major project to move away from the assistance system set up during the USSR period. Today the situation obliges Russian residents to subscribe to various insurance :

  • Pension insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Insurance against work-related accidents and illnesses

Today, the vast majority of the nearly 150 million This represented an enormous challenge. The system is financed in part by the Russian state and in part by private investors. employer contributions.


A Visa for Russia?

To enter Russia, whether to study or work or simply for tourism, you absolutely need a Visa valid. To obtain this Visa, you have several options, depending on your situation. If you are hired as a seconded employee or expatriate in Russia, your employer is required to provide you with the necessary visa. to your establishment. If you’re just a traveller, go to Russian embassy or consulate (Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille) with a photo ID, your passport and a letter of invitation from the Russia to apply.

WARNING : for to obtain a Russian Visa, it is compulsory to take out insurance. appropriate repatriation. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free quotation for more information. information.

Do I need Russian Visa insurance?

For a simple trip to Russia: given that it is repatriation insurance for Russia is compulsory, we recommend that you We advise you to take out comprehensive Russian visa insurance. Rather than and repatriation insurance, insurance companies will provide you with generally benefit from a complete package of health cover (hospitalization, routine medical care, repatriation…) and they’re right!

As an expatriate in Russia, you are covered by the Russian social security system. Russian social security. Nevertheless, to cover the risks of your trip and solidify your roof, we recommend that you call in a Russia Visa insurance. This will enable you to take advantage of better better reimbursements, a better quality of service and a civil liability and repatriation insurance.

Safety risks in Russia

Because the situation remains tense, any move in the Caucasus region remains highly inadvisable. With its involvement in global conflicts, Russia is not exempt from risk. terrorists. Remain vigilant and in the event of an incident, follow the rules laid down by security guards. Russia is an immense territory, and it’s vital to make the most of it. before heading off to the most remote regions. remote. While the level of crime is no higher than in Europe, it’s not a matter of to be noticed. Some cases of xenophobia are to be deplored in Russia every year. Pay attention to the places where you surrender.

Health risks in Russia


Although very discreet in our country, hepatitis A is well established in Russia. To avoid contamination, it is advisable to consume only water from encapsulated bottles and avoid tap water. Visit also pay attention to the food products you consume. Choose major brands and department stores


AIDS is a disease present in Russia. It is therefore It’s important to protect yourself, be cautious and avoid risky situations.

Tick risks

When the warm weather arrives, ticks are a common sight in Russia and can transmit many viruses. So be particularly careful Take care when visiting the forests of Siberia.


Every year, there are several cases of H1N1 influenza in Russia. and avian flu. Depending on the case, the disease can be very serious or even fatal. lethal. To avoid any danger, remember to avoid caged poultry in cities and wash your hands as often as possible. When in doubt transmission: consult a doctor immediately!


Cases of rabies have been reported in Russia. Avoid all contact with dogs you don’t know. If you ever get bite, wash the wound immediately with soap and antiseptic and find a doctor. doctor on the spot.

Take out GoldExpat insurance for your expatriation to Russia

To help you with your expatriation to Russia, Mondassur offers you GoldExpat, the ideal Russian Visa insurance for expatriates in the country. GoldExpat is :

  • Hospitalization reimbursed at 100% of actual costs incurred: a real necessity for Russian insurance. The costs of hospitalization in Russia are high, so it’s essential that you have 100% coverage in the event of an accident.
  • Third-party liability coverage: Being covered is one thing, but being covered for damage to others is quite another! Imagine causing property damage in Moscow. Naturally, we’ll cover the cost of your care. But if you don’t have third-party liability cover in your Russian Visa insurance, then the costs you have to pay to this third party won’t be covered by your insurance, and you risk going heavily into debt!
  • Repatriation cover: There are many cases or medical situations where repatriation to the country of origin is required or strongly recommended. Where the Vietnamese social security system will never cover repatriation, private health insurance may enable you to return home for treatment.

In all these situations and many others, insurance Russia GoldExpat covers you and guarantees immediate care for a very reasonable price.

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