CFE rates in 2023

The rates of the Caisse des Français à l’étranger – CFE – depend on your age and family composition.


What is my CFE contribution in 2023?

Your contributions are fixed according to your age and the composition of your family. You benefit from an individual or family rate. Whether you are an employee, student, retired, self-employed, inactive does not matter in the calculation of the CFE rate.

CFE rates for 2023 depending on your age and family situation

Here are the CFE rates for quarterly dues. These contributions are to be added to your supplementary international health insurance contributions to the CFE.

More flexibility for new CFE members

For people who did not join the CFE when they left France and who wish to join this scheme after several months or even years, you can do so with incompressible waiting times. The waiting times are between 3 and 6 months.

Specific cases of companies contributing to the CFE and former CFE policyholders

Know the CFE 2023 rates for companies with less than 100 employees or more than 100 employees.

What CFE contribution for a French retiree abroad?

For retirees, you benefit from advantageous rates with the RetraitExpat formula of €129/month for one person and €235/month for a couple or family. We advise you to subscribe to one of our contracts in addition to the CFE. It will then be very advantageous for you: GoldExpat CFE, GoldStart or Goldvisa which can cover you without age limit.

How do I choose the best CFE medical insurance?

To choose the best health cover for abroad, several selection criteria must be taken into account. You must select your international medical insurance according to the duration of your stay abroad, your age, your family plans, the country in which you live, your budget and the medical guarantees you need.

Mondassur offers you free advice. We help you compare the different international insurance offers so that you make the right choice without having to change insurance every year. Mondassur is a partner of the CFE. We support you throughout the life of your complementary insurance at the CFE. We offer different contracts, including the most comprehensive one in expatriate insurance in addition to the CFE.

How do CFE healthcare reimbursements work ?




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