10 tips for choosing your expat insurance

Among the multitude of health insurance offers for expatriates, you do not know which contract to take out? We give you 10 tips to choose your expat insurance! You can also ask for an online quote for an expat health insurance.


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1. Take stock of your health needs

Are you going alone or with your family? Do you wear glasses or do you often need dental care? Are you used to using alternative medicine? To find out what type of coverage is right for you, take the time to analyze your expectations.

2. Take into account the quality and cost of care in the country of expatriation

Depending on the characteristics of your country of expatriation, you will certainly not opt for the same type of expat insurance. Be sure to find out about:

  • The quality of the health system and the medical care provided
  • The cost of medical care in your host country

3. Opt for a suitable type of medical coverage

You may need a full comprehensive expat healthcare coverage or a top up insurance, a medical coverage for expenses in case of hospitalization only or covering all health costs… Consider your situation and budget to make the right choice.

4. Choose your optional benefits

Expat insurance is often flexible. Thus, you will be able to opt for different benefits, in addition to health costs and repatriation assistance: work stoppage compensation, civil liability private life, death capital… Also take stock of the blankets you enjoy in France, but which no longer work abroad.

5. Read the claims management process

How long does it take to reimburse your health care costs abroad? How can claims be made? What can be done online? Make sure you are well informed.

6. Check the amount of any deductibles and caps

There are annual caps on health care and in some cases per-deed caps. The amount of any deductibles must also be taken into account. To avoid surprises, carefully compare insurance solutions.

7. Choose an easily reachable insurer

In the event of a problem abroad, it is very important to be able to quickly contact your insurance company’s support service. It is also important to be able to contact a competent advisor to explain or remind you of the operation of your insurance abroad, the guarantees offered … etc.

8. Check the countries of coverage

In which countries does your health insurance cover you? Will you be covered when you return to your home country to visit family? Or when you go on holiday to another country?

9. Identify the services included in the expat insurance plan

Direct payment for outpatient costs, direct payment of hospital costs, repatriation… Your insurance policy should make it easier for you to claim medical expenses. But again, keep in mind that the more you ask in terms of medical coverage, the higher will be your premiums…

10. Read about the exclusions from the contract

Some claims are never covered by expat health insurance. Be sure to look at this list of exclusions before signing your contract.

For more than 15 years, Mondassur has been offering expat healthcare insurance plans with benefits that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our advisors answer all your questions to help you choose the international health insurance that’s right for you around the world.

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