Why insure myself abroad?

Medical costs abroad are often much higher than in France, and social security doesn’t cover you everywhere.
When you travel, study, live or work abroad, it’s essential to be insured for a variety of reasons:


Financial risk

Healthcare costs vary widely from country to country, and can be very high in some countries. A day’s hospitalization can cost up to €10,000 in North America. The insurance covers your healthcare costs and allows you to pay in advance in the event of hospitalization.

Health risk

In some parts of the world, medical facilities are very limited, and access to care must remain possible in a satisfactory medical environment. The insurance offers repatriation assistance to compensate for local shortcomings.

Possible difficulties in accessing medical care: public structures in some countries do not always allow a choice of doctor or hospital, and delays in accessing care can be very long. The insurance provides reimbursement for private medical care, with free choice of doctor or hospital, anywhere in the world.

Legal risk

In some countries, a simple traffic accident can result in imprisonment. Any court summons is an unsettling situation, and this feeling is heightened in an unfamiliar foreign context. Insurance generally includes legal protection.

Mondassur advises you on the most suitable foreign insurance for you

For more than 15 years, Mondassur has been offering you insurance policies abroad with coverage that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our advisors will answer all your questions to help you choose the right expatriate insurance worldwide. You can get a free quote directly online and compare the different insurance plans for abroad.

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