Sport is good for your health!

At the start of the year, ¾ of people make a resolution to take up sport or do more sport. What happens after a few months and do we put these good resolutions into practice?

According to a recent survey*, less than 20% keep their commitments…If you haven’t yet put your good resolutions into practice…Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there’s still time to get started!

It’s worth noting that Americans do a lot of sport, with around 135 days a year. For the French, that’s not so bad, as they do an average of 116 days of sport a year.

All this is to motivate you to keep your good resolutions, because playing sport not only keeps you healthy, it also improves your morale, lets you have fun, pushes your limits and, for women who are particularly sensitive to this…keeps you trim!

* TomTom study

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