6 Tips for vacations abroad

Every year, around 25% of Europeans go abroad. What about you? Planning to travel abroad? Spend your vacations abroad? How do you travel with the Coronavirus? Remember to take out travel insurance for your vacations abroad!


Here are some tips to help you travel abroad:

Voyager avec le Coronavirus

  • Find out more about the country you are visiting and the restrictions imposed on traveling with the Coronavirus: covid-19 test before, on arrival, proof of quarantine accommodation, wearing a mask. Airline connections are gradually reopening for a gradual return to normal, with new travel restrictions at airports: social distancing, wearing of masks, hydroalcoholic gel, large-scale temperature testing and specific virological testing. We invite you to consult the latest information from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your destination country.

Se faire vacciner avant de partir à l’étranger

  • Find out which vaccines are required. Depending on your destination, some are compulsory (such as yellow fever for tropical areas), while others are strongly recommended. These vaccinations are carried out in approved international centers, which are authorized to issue you with an international health record (e.g. Institut Pasteur).

Obtenir le visa adapté à votre séjour à l’étranger et un passeport valide

  • Check your passport validity and visa requirements. Some countries require a visa and passport valid for at least 6 months after your return. More and more countries are making it possible to apply for a visa online: faster, more efficient and more secure than other methods. Some countries, such as China, require the collection of biometric data (fingerprints). In this case, you’ll need to make an appointment at an approved center (usually the visa center of the destination country near you), and get there well in advance.

Anticiper votre voyage à l’étranger

  • Plan your trip so you’re not caught off guard at the last minute (booking flights, administrative formalities, health… etc.). Please note that, depending on the commune, it may take 3 to 4 weeks to issue a passport.
  • Find out more about the country. Today, thanks to the Internet, there are many interesting sources of information: blogs, country-specific websites and so on. You can also consult our “Country Advice” section. If you want a cheap tourist guide, buy a used one from the previous year!

Disposer d’un moyen de paiement international

  • For your expenses abroad, we recommend a Visa International card, which is recognized worldwide.

Souscrire une assurance voyage santé internationale

  • It’s essential to take out health insurance abroad. Particularly in countries where medical costs are very high (USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong…etc.), countries requiring health insurance to obtain a visa, or countries where health conditions are poor (underdeveloped medical infrastructures…) requiring repatriation. Mondassur offers immediate online quotes and direct travel insurance underwriting.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

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