The consequences of Brexit for travellers

Après le referendum sur le Brexit, l’Union européenne et le Royaume Uni ont signé un accord de dernière minute quelques jours avant fin 2020 pour se mettre d’accord sur certains éléments comme les droits de douane pour de nombreux secteurs économiques, la protection sociale ou le programme Erasmus définitivement abandonné par le Royaume-Uni pour donner naissance au programme Turing. Il n’est désormais plus possible de vivre au Royaume-Uni ou pour un Britannique en Union européenne sans visa pour des durées supérieures à 90 jours. La carte européenne d’assurance maladie ne fonctionne plus au Royaume-Uni et il est devenu indispensable de prendre une assurance santé internationale pour tout voyage en Angleterre, des études, un stage et tout séjour de plus de 90 jours au Royaume-Uni.


The disappearance of the healthcare system for European travellers

As a European citizen, you are entitled to the European Health Insurance Card, which allows you to receive treatment and reimbursement in another member country. With the exit from the European Union, this right is no longer valid on British territory, and you need to take out international health insurance for the UK to make the most of your stay. For international students in the UK, it’s essential to take out health insurance to cover you while you’re here. British citizens will have to take out travel insurance for all their trips toEurope, as their European Health Insurance Card will no longer be valid and accepted in other European countries.

Mondassur offers short- and long-stay travel insurance, student insurance abroad and all types of health insurance abroad to cover you from a few weeks to several years. Medical costs in the UK are among the highest in the world, and you need to protect yourself.

Cost of living rises across the UK

Since the referendum in 2016 and the British people’s desire to leave the European Union, sterling has fallen by around 15% against the euro. In this sense, prices have relatively increased, which has therefore had an impact on the price of travel in the UK. The UK is one of the most visited countries in Europe. The British are also used to traveling within Europe. Higher prices could reduce the number of stays and thus have a negative impact on the tourism economy within the European Union. The UK’s abandonment of tax-free shopping should limit London’s appeal as a shopping destination, as has been the case for many years.

Likewise, airlines are forecasting an increase in ticket prices. The main reason is that leaving the European Union means abolishing European agreements and treaties, in particular the Open Skies Treaty. Since 2004, all airlines based in a Member State have been able to operate freely throughout Europe.

New requirements for entering the UK

With the free movement of all citizens within Europe, all you need to travel is an identity card. Britons will need a visa and passport to visit the European Union, and the same documents will be required to enter the UK.

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