What is the difference between a top up CFE insurance and a private international healthcare insurance ?

The CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger) assures you abroad with the limits of coverage of the ceilings of the French social security. It is highly recommended to take out a supplement to support the remaining due after the reimbursement of the CFE, as is the case with a traditional French complementary mutual. In some countries, such as the United States and countries with higher medical costs than in France, this is essential. Let us take an example to better understand: The reimbursements for CFE care are limited to the rates negotiated by French social security, taking 70% or 100% depending on the case. For a consultation with a general practitioner whose reimbursement by social security is limited to 25 euros, you will be reimbursed by CFE 70% of this amount, or 17.50 euros. If your consultation was 60 euros or even 150 euros, it will remain at your expense 60-17.50 = 42.50 euros or 150-17.50 = 132.50 euros. The additional CFE will reimburse the part remaining at your expense according to the guarantees you have chosen. Mondassur offers the GoldExpat contract at the 1st euro without intervention from the CFE or Goldexpat as top up to the CFE with formulas with variable reimbursement ceilings. These insurance contracts allow you to limit your dependents which can be very important on expensive medical care.

Unlike a supplemental CFE, an insurance at the 1st euro pays for your medical expenses from the first euro spent without further intervention by an organization.

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