What documents should I send to the claims management platform ?

Depending on your claim, the list of documents to be sent to us changes. The objective is to allow us to have documents related to your claim whether for a claim for medical expenses, baggage warranty, cancellation of stay, civil liability, etc. This way you may be required to provide documents such as:

  • a copy of the first page of your insurance certificate
  • your bank details (IBAN, BIC, Swift with your bank’s full name and address)
  • an explanatory letter on the exact circumstances of the disaster
  • On medical claims, you will have to send the following documents:
  • a copy of the initial medical certificate describing the injuries sustained as a result of illness or accident
  • a copy of the medical prescriptions relating to these medical expenses
  • a copy of the invoices paid
  • copy of your Social Security refund slip
  • copy your mutual’s refund slip if you benefit from it

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