Whether you're a partner, a school or a company, find out about the different options available to you when it comes to international health insurance. Benefit from advantageous conditions and offer your customers, employees or students total peace of mind thanks to our expertise in international health insurance.

Assurance sante internationale Mondassur
Assurance sante entreprise

Businesses: insure your employees

As a company, the safety and well-being of your employees on expatriation or assignment abroad is a priority. This not only ensures their safety, but also guarantees business continuity and maintains their productivity.

School: insure your students and teachers

Our international health insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage for your teachers, administrative staff and students when they travel abroad.

Assurance ecole
assurance ong associations 1

NGOs, Associations: insure your members

The safety and well-being of your members on humanitarian missions or abroad are of paramount concern. Ensuring their safety is not only a moral responsibility, but also essential to the success of your projects and the well-being of those working for your cause.

Partner: I am a partner or I wish to become a partner

As a partner, you can benefit from our expertise and our comprehensive range of health insurance products. We offer you an advantageous collaboration, based on dedicated support and customization tailored to your needs.

Devenir partenaire

How do I get the best international insurance deal for my needs?

Contact our international health insurance experts
We will assess your situation and present you with our available options
Select the insurance contract that suits you best

Why choose Mondassur?

Protect your health anywhere in the world

Coverage in +190 countries

Health insurance at the best rates

Worldwide coverage from €27/month

Ensure your peace of mind

For over 20 years, Mondassur has covered more than 100,000 people.

Team available 24 hours a day

Multicultural, multilingual team on call 24 hours a day

Simple, efficient user experience

100% digitized, real-time route

Access to doctors and medical facilities abroad

Access to +160,000 hospitals and doctors worldwide

Fast, efficient healthcare reimbursements

Immediate treatment of emergencies, average reimbursement time : 3 days

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