New EuropUSA website: focus on good deals in the USA and focus on insurance in the USA supports travelers, students in the USA and expatriates

Want to spend a year in the USA? Learn English in theUSA? Would you like to settle here permanently, or are you planning a business trip? EuropUSA has launched a new version of its website, bringing together all the offers designed for travelers, students and expatriates in the USA.


New services on

The website has been totally redesigned to offer the best possible service to people wishing to live, study or work in the United States, with comprehensive information on daily life in the United States.

Here you can find new services specially developed to accompany you during your stay in the USA:

Insurance for the USA to put you in touch with these professionals

  • Insurance in the USA: Find all the advice you need to choose the right health insurance in the USA for your stay in the USA and take out your USA health insurance online: health cover in the USA is essential
  • J-1 visa: EuropUSA offers you the opportunity to obtain your J-1 visa at exceptional rates thanks to our long-standing partners specializing in J-1 visa procedures.
  • Studying in the USA: EuropUSA offers an orientation and placement service specially adapted to your profile to help you succeed in your semester or year in the USA, and puts you in touch with American organizations and universities.
  • Launching your business in the USA: EuropUSA puts you in touch with specialists in the USA to help you: business lawyers, marketers, negotiators, accountants….Etc.
  • Take an English language course: EuropUSA offers you the opportunity to improve or perfect your professional English vocabulary at a university in the USA, thanks to selected partners.
  • Applying for the green card lottery: EuropUSA makes it easy for you to apply for the green card lottery and make the most of your chances.

You can also read first-hand accounts from expatriates living in the USA and find out all theinformation you need to plan your move to the USA.

The EuropUSA team has made it easy for you to navigate the site, so don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions or recommendations!


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