Testimony of Nicolas, 26: Getting sick in the United States

After a night of delirium, a fever of 40°C and dizziness, I began to think that I absolutely had to see a doctor. Obviously, that day was a Sunday. After several hours on the road in Arizona, I finally find an open hospital.


As soon as I arrive, I fill in a few entry documents at the reception desk and take a seat in the waiting room. The doctor arrives a few minutes later, and osculates me in 5 minutes flat. I had an infection.
Back to the secretariat to settle the bill for this brief hospital stay. The secretary hands me a bill for $325 (for the medical consultation) and then gives me a second bill, this time for $530, for the admission fee.

The result of this benign infection:

  • Doctor’s bill: $325
  • Hospital admission bill: $530
  • Antibiotics at Walmart: $39

864 for 15 minutes of consultation in the United States. The bill is very steep. It actually stuck in my throat.
For my next trips, I took out travel insurance to cover my health expenses abroad, and above all to ensure rapid reimbursement.

Conclusion: for a worry-free trip, take out travel insurance for the USA, or you could end up in serious debt in the event of a major health problem.

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