How can I simplify my expatriate administrative formalities?

If you live abroad, you can register with the Registre des Français établis hors de France. This is simply known asconsular registration. This registration makes it easier for you to do business abroad.


How do I register with the Register of French nationals living outside France?

You can do this directly by making an appointment at the consulate.

Or by post (fax or e-mail), enclosing proof of identity and

  • Your identity
  • Your French nationality
  • Your residence in the consular district
  • A recent passport photo
  • Completed application form

Directly online via the public service website

This registration is valid for 5 years in most countries around the world, and procedures are almost identical at all consulates. You can find a list of the steps to take on each consulate’s website.

Why register with the Registre des Français établis hors de France?

Simplify your administrative procedures from abroad

This registration is essential for procedures such as :

  • Issuing a passport or identity card from the consulate
  • Applying for a school grant
  • Registration on the electoral roll of a commune in France
  • Registration on the consular electoral roll

Voting from abroad

If you are registered on the consular electoral roll, you can vote in national and European elections. If you are registered on the electoral roll of a commune in France, you can vote from the consulate polling station at all elections.
It just makes the process quicker and easier. Of course, you can always vote by proxy without being registered at the consulate.

Access to your information in the event of a problem

Once you are registered, the consulate has your address and telephone number. This enables us to help you in the event of natural disasters, health problems, etc. This is an opportunity for the consulate to give you important information about the country’s security.

Take part in the July 14th Garden Party

On Bastille Day in France, each consular representative organizes a “garden party” to which all French expatriates are invited. But to be able to shake hands with the ambassador and enjoy this unique gathering, you’ll need to be registered with the Registre des Français établis hors de France.

Taking out expatriate insurance

To simplify administrative formalities and, above all, reduce reimbursement times, we strongly advise you to take out expatriate insurance.

  • Take out expatriate insurance for the 1st euro: Comprehensive insurance covering a large proportion of medical expenses, with very high reimbursement ceilings. Our insurances cover hospitalization at 100% of actual costs incurred.
  • Take out insurance to complement CFE: Even if you’re already partially covered by CFE, it’s still important to take out additional health insurance. It provides protection against all risks and, above all, covers hospitalization and repatriation assistance.

Mondassur is your assurance of a successful expatriation.

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