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For a memorable experience on your trip to Spain, follow our advice and don't forget to take out international health insurance. Discover Spain with complete peace of mind, knowing that you're fully protected throughout your exploration.

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Spain has something for everyone, thanks to its extraordinary diversity and rich culture. Here’s a small selection of cities to visit on your next trip to Spain. These must-see places have also been recommended to us by our Spanish-speaking policyholders. And don’t forget to take out travel insurance for peace of mind. Good health cover will help you avoid financial and legal complications in the event of an accident. Mondassur can help you choose your travel insurance and advise you on the different offers available on the market, to find the formula best suited to your situation and needs.

Travel Insurance Spain
Travel Pass

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Travel Insurance Spain
Horizon 365

Appropriate health insurance if you travel at least twice a year.



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Travel Insurance Spain
Gold Start

Our international health insurance for trips lasting more than 90 days.



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How to choose travel insurance for Spain?

When should you travel to Spain?

The climate in Spain is fairly mild all year round, but some months are better than others for enjoying the country. Conditions are favorable throughout the country from May to September, and in the south of the country from April to October.

Must-see places in Spain


Spain’s most visited city seduces visitors with its beaches and excellent tapas bars. Barcelona has a rich historical and artistic heritage. Antoni Gaudi’s modernist buildings, such as the famous Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo, are the city’s most visited landmarks. In fact, UNESCO has declared Barcelona’s most outstanding monuments to be World Heritage Sites.


The Spanish capital attracts travelers with its dynamism and energy. It is also renowned for its museums and rich art collections. The Padro Museum is Madrid’s pride and joy, housing the world’s largest collection of Spanish paintings. Don’t forget to visit the royal palace and its magnificent gardens.


Or Córdoba in Spanish, this Andalusian city is known for its different architectural styles. Cordoba’s most visited monument is the Mezquita, a huge mosque that has been converted into a Catholic church.


This city offers a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity. The city’s most visited sites are the City of Arts and Sciences, with its futuristic structures and oceanarium, the Palacio Del Marquès de Dos Aguas, and the Mercado Central.


Located 103 km northeast of Barcelona, this small Catalan town boasts well-preserved medieval quarters. Discover the ancient buildings, botanical gardens and colorful houses that line the banks of the Onyar River, giving the town an air of Florence.


A city of three cultures, Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its rich architectural heritage, which has been influenced by different civilizations.


Located on the Atlantic coast, this sunny city is one of Spain’s main ports. Climb to the top of Torre Tavira for a panoramic view of the whole city.


Granada is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities, thanks to the Alhambra and Generalife gardens. Visit the San Nicolas viewpoint for a breathtaking view of the whole city.


This town is little known to tourists. Its twelve windmills inspired the famous writer Cervantes to write Don Quixote.


Cradle of Flamenco, this magnificent city is home to numerous monuments such as the Moorish Alcazar palace and gardens, the Giralda, and the Plaza de España…


The island’s name conjures up images of heavenly beaches and endless parties. But Ibiza is also worth a visit for its rich culture and history. In 1999, many of the island’s sites were protected by UNESCO.

Which travel insurance for Spain?

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance for Spain to make the most of your trip and avoid any nasty surprises. Mondassur offers you insurance tailored to your needs at the best price.

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