Testimonial: Expatriate in Spain

I’d like to say a few words about Spain because I’ve had the opportunity to travel there several times, and each trip has been a real treat. I think I’ve been there a total of 6 times, in different places. My first trip to Spain was in Salamanca on a school trip, it was great fun, it’s a university city with lots to see and visit, obviously it’s not a destination for idleness but for coming back with lots of picturesque memories and interesting knowledge about the city.


I think it’s the place I’d recommend most, because it’s magical, amazing and you never want to leave. A visit to the Alhambra Palace is a must, as it showcases Muslim culture and leaves you speechless and moved. It’s a region where you can laze around, visit Granada and Marbella, where you’ll find Spain’s “St Trop” and maybe even some of the jet set!

Also try the Strait of Gibraltar, a rock belonging to the English for those who don’t know, and a bit to the monkeys too, surprisingly, there are so many of them. For those who are attached to their native France, stay close to the border. I recommend Empuriabrava or Rosas, very touristy seaside resorts that are great for lazing around, shopping and themed evenings in discos, which are not expensive by the way.

For visits, you’ll have to go further afield. I recommend Figueres for the incredible Dali museum, then to stay in the Dali universe, Cadaques for a visit to the Maison de Dali, to be booked in advance. Last but not least, Barcelona, with its soccer stadium for the fanatics. Then there’s Mayorque in the Balearics for those with a thirst for relaxation, idleness and the beach. A small island with lots to see and do, so grab a map, rent a car and set off on an adventure that will last at least two weeks! Here are my Spanish escapades, now it’s your turn to go!


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