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If you’re thinking of moving to Monaco, this is a great idea! This glamorous principality, nestled between France and the Mediterranean, is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, pleasant climate and advantageous tax system. Working in Monaco can be very rewarding, with salaries often higher than elsewhere in Europe, partly because the principality attracts internationally renowned companies, particularly in the financial, luxury tourism and service sectors.

However, the cost of living in Monaco is among the highest in the world. Rents here are particularly exorbitant, and daily expenses can quickly mount up. What’s more, the costs associated with other services, such as healthcare, can be substantial. We therefore recommend that you take out international health insurance before you leave. Such insurance will guarantee you adequate coverage for any medical care you may need during your stay in Monaco.

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Choosing health insurance in Monaco

Monaco has a public health insurance system that covers residents and certain workers. The system is managed by the Caisse de Compensation des Services Sociaux (CCSS) for employees. The Caisse Autonome des Retraites (CAR) manages the system for pensioners. Monaco residents and people working in the principality contribute to these funds. In return, they receive health coverage including medical care, hospitalization, prescription drugs and other health services. Coverage and conditions can vary, and most residents supplement this with private health insurance for more comprehensive coverage.
Health insurance in Monaco provides coverage for certain medical treatments, hospitalizations, prescription drugs and some maternity care. Dental and optical care are not fully covered. Although the public system is accessible, many individuals opt for additional private insurance for specialized care or abroad.

What are the health insurance options for expatriates in Monaco?

Membership of a Monegasque social security scheme is compulsory to cover basic needs, but expatriates also opt for private health insurance to supplement this coverage. This can be particularly useful for covering services that are not fully covered by the public system, such as certain medical specialties or specific treatments. Expatriates in Monaco can choose from several types of insurance:

Public health insurance: Monaco offers public health insurance that covers a portion of medical expenses, but this option is often supplemented by private insurance for more comprehensive coverage.
International health insurance: Many expatriates opt for international health insurance policies that offer broader coverage, including options such as medical repatriation, a valuable option given Monaco’s proximity to other European countries.
Monegasque private insurance: Residents and expatriates can take out local private health insurance to supplement the compulsory social security system. These private insurances may offer additional coverage not necessarily included in the public plan, such as private rooms during hospitalization, specific medical treatments, or faster access to specialists.

What medical cover should I choose as an expatriate in Monaco?

Expatriate health insurance can offer several advantages over local private health insurance. Especially for people who travel frequently or live between several countries. Here are a few key points that can make international medical coverage more suitable for expatriates in Monaco:

Extended geographic coverage: International health insurance generally offers coverage in several countries. This is ideal for Monaco residents, given its geographical position, which allows frequent travel. This means uninterrupted coverage, even outside Monaco.

Uniform standards of care: With international insurance, you can often access a network of healthcare providers who meet high standards around the world. This is particularly important for those looking for a consistent, high-quality level of care.

Multilingual support services: Mondassur offers support services in several languages, which is a significant advantage for non-native speakers.

Managing complex situations abroad: International insurers can more effectively manage medical situations that arise abroad, including medical emergencies requiring medical repatriation.

Opting for expatriate health cover can truly transform the experience of living abroad, especially in places where healthcare is expensive. Expatriates who opt for such coverage often experience what many consider to be their best years. Not only does this enable them to enjoy their new life to the full without the fear of unexpected medical expenses, it also means they have access to the best possible care, wherever they may be.

Monaco, for example, is known for its high-quality healthcare services, but also for the cost associated with these services. When expatriating to Monaco, taking out expatriate health insurance is not just an option; it’s a necessity to secure your health and well-being. By joining the many others who have already made this wise decision, you can be sure of taking full advantage of everything Monaco has to offer.

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