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Expatriation: What health coverage should you choose?

There are many reasons for expatriation. Whatever the reasons, the two most important issues for expatriates are retirement and health cover for you and your family.


I’m an expatriate if

Am I still covered by Social Security?

Legislation stipulates that if you go abroad to work, you will be exclusively affiliated to the local social security scheme. You will therefore no longer be affiliated to the French social security system.
Before you leave, find out about the conditions under which you are entitled to your rights. If a minimum period of insurance, activity or residence is required in your country of installation, you must :

  • Ask your French health insurance fund for form E104 (attestation concerning the totalization of periods of insurance, employment or residence);
  • And submit it to your health insurance institution in your country of residence.

Please note that the country to which you are traveling may not cover all health costs. In fact, reimbursement of dental, optical and hospital expenses can be very low. You need to find out about health coverage in your country of expatriation.

To avoid surprises and lengthy bills, we advise all expatriates to take out international health insurance in addition to their host country’s social security or international health insurance for the 1st euro.

Why choose health insurance abroad?

This can be particularly interesting for you when :

  • Social protection in the country of expatriation is unsatisfactory.
  • The infrastructure in the country of expatriation is not up to your expectations in terms of quality.
  • You wish to have yourself or your family treated in a country other than your country of expatriation (France in particular).
  • You want a multi-lingual platform to help you 24/7 with your health concerns.

Expatriate health insurance covers your entire family for :

  • Medical expenses and hospitalization at 100% of actual costs,
  • Maternity,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Dental and optical, depending on options,
  • Third-party liability and repatriation, optional.

Are you considering an expatriate health insurance policy with or without CFE (Caisse des Français à l’Etranger)? Mondassur offers you both solutions and will help you make your choice.

What medical cover should I take out as an expatriate?

If you’d like better coverage, you can take out expatriate health insurance from the 1st euro, in addition to the local social protection system. If you contribute to the CFE, we advise you to take out additional insurance.
One of the many advantages of this insurance is that it covers you in your country of expatriation , of course. And also in your home country and around the world when you travel.

For example, international health insurance covers :

  • Your children if they want to spend the summer vacations with their grandparents in France. They will be covered in their country of residence as well as in France during their stay.
  • Your medical expenses if you travel to “Spring Break” in Mexico City, for example.
  • Your pregnancy and childbirth expenses in the USA.

Mondassur has been the expatriate insurance specialist for over 15 years. Whether you’re a student, a trainee, a PVTist, a globetrotter or an employee, whether you’re going away alone or with your family, we’ll find you a health insurance policy to suit your situation.

Get a free quote for your expatriate health cover now! Contact our advisors for more information or details of the various options available.

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