Health insurance in Monaco

Whether you're a resident or just passing through Monaco, you need to understand the country's health insurance system before you arrive.

Health insurance monaco

In Monaco, it is compulsory for all residents, including self-employed workers and expatriates, to contribute to the state-funded healthcare system known as Caisses Sociales de Monaco (CSM). This plan covers a wide range of medical services. However, it is advisable to supplement this cover with health insurance for Monaco to ensure optimum coverage. Particularly if you are considering treatment in private facilities or abroad.

Student insurance Monaco

The insurance that covers your stay for your studies in Monaco.



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Expatriate insurance Monaco

Health insurance to cover your expatriation to Monaco.



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Travel insurance Monaco

International health insurance to cover your trip to Monaco.



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Information on health insurance in Monaco

Health insurance monaco

Political system: Principality
Capital: Monaco
Surface area: 2.02 km² (2 sq mi)
Population: 37,000
Languages spoken: French
Currency: Euro

How does Monaco's healthcare system work?

Public health in Monaco is recognized for its high quality and efficiency. It provides coverage for all citizens and long-term residents who have contributed to the country’s social security system. French and Italian citizens are also entitled to public healthcare in Monaco, provided they have made regular contributions to their national health system.
Foreigners arriving in Monaco must register with the Caisses Sociales de Monaco to access the public health system, which requires regular contributions. We also recommend that you take out international health insurance. This additional insurance can offer broader coverage and care options not always available through the public health system, notably for specialized services that may require intervention outside Monaco, or to guarantee more comprehensive coverage when traveling internationally.

Do I need to take out health insurance in Monaco?

Employers are required to enroll their new employees in the CSM plan as soon as they are hired. Unemployed people or expatriates without an employment contract in Monaco should consider private health insurance to cover medical expenses not covered by the public system.

Where to get treatment in Monaco?

Monaco has several healthcare facilities, including the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG), which is the main general hospital and offers high-quality care. There are also private clinics, such as Clinique de Monte-Carlo and Clinique du Louvre, offering specialized services and often preferred by those seeking faster, world-class care.

What are Monaco's emergency numbers?

In Monaco, the emergency numbers for medical services are 112 and 18 for an ambulance. When you dial these numbers, you’ll be connected directly to a competent service that will assess the seriousness of your situation and dispatch the necessary help. Communication can be in English or French, depending on your preference.

How much do medical expenses cost in Monaco?

Average medical costs in private clinics in Monaco

Private clinics in Monaco often charge fees in line with the recommendations of professional associations.

Here are some examples of costs for consultations and interventions:

GP consultation: between 100 and 150 euros.
Consultation with a specialist: from 200 euros.
Major surgery: usually over 8,000 euros.

Maternity in Monaco

In a private clinic in Monaco, fees for a vaginal delivery start at around 10,000 euros, and may include additional costs such as epidural, anesthesiologist fees, fees for a night birth, or an extra bed for an accompanying person.

Here are some examples of typical medical costs at a private clinic in Monaco:

Delivery: approx. 5,000 euros.
Caesarean section: approx. 12,000 euros.
Peridural: approx. 1,000 euros.
Anesthesia: approx. 3,000 euros.
Accommodation costs for the baby (normal delivery): approx. 500 euros.
Accommodation costs for the baby (Caesarean delivery): approx. 1,000 euros.
Private room: around 1,000 euros per day.

Maternity preparation

It’s a good idea to pack a maternity suitcase containing the items you’ll need for the birth and for your stay at the clinic, as not all clinics provide everything you need.

Is it necessary to take out health insurance in Monaco?

Absolutely, especially if you’re not covered by Monaco’s social security system or if you want a higher level of care in private establishments. Residents and travelers are therefore strongly advised to take out private international health insurance to avoid unexpected expenses and benefit from comprehensive coverage. This is especially true for people wishing to expatriate to Monaco, as health-related costs are particularly high in the principality.

Which health insurance for Monaco?

For optimum coverage, international health insurance policies offer extensive protection that can include specialized care, medical procedures abroad, and flexibility in the choice of care providers.
So, whether your stay in Monaco is short or long term, it’s essential to prepare your health cover carefully so that you can enjoy your experience in complete safety.

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