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If you're thinking of moving to Malaysia as an expatriate, find the right health insurance for you.

Expatriate insurance Malaysia

When planning an expatriation to Malaysia, making sure you have adequate health insurance is a top priority. With its mixed healthcare system, including both public and private facilities of the highest quality, opting for health insurance in Malaysia is a wise choice to guarantee comprehensive coverage in all circumstances.
Malaysia is a destination that attracts many expatriates every year thanks to its affordable cost of living, its landscapes and its cultural richness. Whether you’re attracted by the dynamism of Kuala Lumpur, the serenity of Langkawi’s beaches or the historical heritage of Malacca, this Southeast Asian country has a lot to offer.

Our insurance offers for expatriates in Malaysia

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Expatriate Insurance Malaysia Gold Expat Access

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Expatriate insurance Malaysia Gold Expat Safe

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Some figures on health insurance in Malaysia

How Malaysia's healthcare system works :

Malaysia offers a robust and efficient healthcare system, appreciated for its quality and accessibility. The Malaysian healthcare system has two main components: public health insurance and private health insurance. Each shutter has its own characteristics, advantages and limitations. Expatriates can choose either option, or combine them, to benefit from comprehensive coverage during their stay in Malaysia. We recommend taking out private health insurance to benefit from rapid access to better quality care, consultations without waiting times and, above all, higher levels of cover. So you’re guaranteed superior comfort and peace of mind in Malaysia.

How does social security work in Malaysia?

Public health insurance

Malaysia’s public health insurance system is an essential pillar of well-being for local residents. This system is mainly financed by tax contributions from Malaysians, and provides social security for the majority of the population. Services covered by public or mutual insurance include general medical consultations, hospitalization, specialized care and certain surgical procedures.

Public facilities are generally well equipped, but can sometimes suffer from long waiting times.
long waiting times
due to high demand. Malaysian citizens and permanent residents benefit from these services at very low cost, or even free of charge for certain treatments. On the other hand, expatriates are not automatically eligible for public health insurance and often have to subscribe to special programs or pay higher fees for the same services.

In short, although the public system offers extensive coverage, it is subject to certain restrictions and long waiting times. It’s a good idea to take out insurance before you leave for faster access to medical care with our medical insurance in Malaysia.

Private health insurance in Malaysia

Private health insurance in Malaysia offers an attractive and flexible alternative for those seeking fast, high-quality access to healthcare services.

Unlike public health insurance, Mondassur gives policyholders access to care in private clinics and hospitals, where waiting times are generally much shorter and facilities are often more modern and comfortable. Mondassur covers a wide range of services, including specialist consultations, dental and optical care, as well as hospitalization and surgery, depending on the plan selected.

Mondassur’s insurance offers provide extra peace of mind for those living temporarily or long-term in Malaysia. Our insurance costs vary according to the level of cover chosen and individual needs, but they remain competitive with local prices.

For expatriates, taking out private health insurance can be an ideal solution to ensure fast, efficient access to healthcare services, without the long waiting times often associated with public facilities. If you’re still hesitating about taking out expatriate insurance, Mondassur offers a level of comfort and responsiveness that can greatly enhance your experience abroad.

Healthcare facilities in Malaysia

Malaysia boasts an extensive and well-developed network of healthcare facilities, including public and private hospitals, clinics and specialized centers.

Public hospitals are widely distributed across the country, offering a full range of medical services, from general consultations to intensive care and complex surgery. These facilities are equipped with modern technology and run by well-trained healthcare professionals.

However, due to high demand, public hospitals can often be overcrowded, resulting in longer waiting times for certain treatments and consultations. On the other hand, private health establishments, though fewer in number, offer high-quality care with reduced waiting times and a superior level of comfort. Private clinics and hospitals are often preferred by expatriates for their efficiency and personalized service.

The quality of care in these facilities is generally very high, with state-of-the-art equipment and standards of care aligned with international best practice. In terms of availability, Malaysia has a significant number of health centers in relation to its population, guaranteeing access to medical services for the majority of residents. That’s why it’s important to take out insurance before you leave for Malaysia!

Emergency numbers in Malaysia

In the event of an emergency in Malaysia, it’s important to know the appropriate telephone numbers. The main emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999. For medical emergencies, you can also dial 112, the international emergency number. These numbers are essential for rapid assistance in urgent cases. Expatriates and travelers are encouraged to memorize these numbers or have them easily accessible at all times.

Healthcare costs in Malaysia

The cost of healthcare services in Malaysia may seem affordable compared to many Western countries, but it is crucial to note that fees can quickly add up, especially for more specialized care or prolonged hospitalizations :

  • GP consultation: usually between MYR 20 and MYR 50 (approx. €10).
  • Hospitalisation costs in public hospitals: between MYR 100 and MYR 300 (€20 and €60) per day, often with long waiting times.
  • Delivery in a private hospital: between MYR 3,000 and 10,000 (€600 and €2,000).
  • Dental care: it can cost up to 600 MYR (€120) for wisdom teeth surgery.
  • Medication: this can represent a significant expense if prolonged treatment is required.

The cost of hospitalization in private hospitals is higher, but guarantees greater comfort and shorter waiting times. Costs can quickly mount up in the event of complications or intensive care.

This is where health insurance becomes essential. Mondassur offers packages tailored to the needs of expatriates in Malaysia, guaranteeing you peace of mind and access to the best care available without having to worry about costs. Investing in good health insurance is a wise choice to protect your health and your budget! To find out more about costs of health insurance for expats, don’t hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

Choose Mondassur for your expat insurance in Malaysia!

Why take out expatriate insurance?

Buying expatriate health insurance is an essential step for anyone planning to live, study or work in Malaysia. Although Malaysia’s healthcare system is of a high standard, the cost of care can rise rapidly, especially in private establishments. As an expatriate, you may not be eligible for the same subsidies as local citizens, which means that medical costs can be substantial.

If you’re wondering why you should insure yourself abroad, Mondassur offers comprehensive, personalized coverage, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. What’s more, health insurance covers not only medical consultations and hospitalization, but also dental and optical care, and even medical evacuations if necessary, depending on the package you choose. At Mondassur, we understand the circumstances facing expatriates and offer health insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs. When you take out health insurance for Malaysia, you benefit from peace of mind and health cover.

Quick and easy subscription

Taking out expatriate health insurance is a quick and easy process. We’ve simplified every step to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. Our website makes it easy for you to compare different coverage options and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. You can obtain a quote for your expatriate insurance online in just a few minutes and complete your subscription in complete security. Our team of advisors is also available to guide you and answer any questions you may have, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Malaysia. When you choose Mondassur, you benefit not only from reliable health insurance, but also from quality customer service, ready to assist you every step of the way.

A wide choice of warranties

Mondassur offers a wide range of coverage to meet all your health needs. Whether you need basic coverage for medical consultations and hospitalization, or comprehensive coverage including dental, optical and repatriation insurance, we have the right solution for you. Our insurance plans are flexible and can be customized according to your preferences, ensuring optimum protection. What’s more, our guarantees include access to a vast network of healthcare professionals in Malaysia, enabling you to receive quality care wherever you are. With Mondassur, you can be sure of choosing expatriate health insurance that not only protects you, but also offers you additional services such as 24/7 medical assistance and rapid reimbursement of medical expenses.

Other health insurance for Malaysia

At Mondassur, we strive to meet all your insurance needs, whatever your profile or situation. In addition to our expatriate health insurance, we offer comprehensive, tailored solutions. Our aim is to guarantee your peace of mind and security, wherever you are.

Are you planning to study in Malaysia? Take a look at our Malaysia health insurance offers for students, so you can concentrate on your studies with complete peace of mind.

If you want to discover Malaysia for a short getaway or a long stay, consider Malaysia health insurance for travelers to give you peace of mind during your trip.

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