Claims reimbursement for Premium Access insurance plans

You have taken out insurance for the foreign country according to the Premium or Access formula and you want to get the reimbursement of care. Here’s some essential information for you.

Hospitalization or reimbursement of medical expenses

For hospitalization and assistance, you should contact the emergency number on your insurance card.

For reimbursement of any medical expenses excluding hospitalization (depending on the terms of the contract), you must declare the claim within 15 days of the event. To obtain reimbursement of benefits:

Situation 1: you benefit from a 1st basic government insurance plan

You must send your original invoices and prescriptions to your social security and then send the accounts received from Social Security to the management centre at: with all the documents listed below in situation 2.

Situation 2: you do not benefit from a 1st basic government insurance plan

You must send all the following documents to the management centre at:
– a copy of the first page of the insurance certificate (received by email at the time of your subscription)
– an explanatory letter on the exact circumstances of the illness or accident
– a copy of the initial medical certificate describing the injuries sustained as a result of illness or accident
– a copy of the medical prescriptions relating to these medical expenses
– a copy of the invoices paid
– your bank details (IBAN, BIC, Swift with your bank’s full name and address)
– a document attesting that you do not benefit from social security.

Please note that in the event of an incomplete file, we will not be able to refund you and we will be obliged to ask you for the missing documents.

What contact information should I use?

On your insurance certificate and on your insurance card that you received after your subscription, you will find the emergency number to contact for any care. You can also contact us for more information and guide your requests.

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