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Our opening hours are from 9am to 6pm Central European Time (CET) to contact our advisors. Our medical platforms for policyholders are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you have questions about your insurance policy, to buy international healthcare insurance, to get an expat insurance quote? You can get a free quote online, send us an email, call us and we will answer within 24 hours business days.

We are available to help you.

How do I declare a claim ?

What is the procedure to follow in case of hospitalization?

In case of hospitalization (following an accident for example), you should contact the medical platform (the telephone contact information is on your insurance certificate) and indicate your situation. The medical platform will contact the hospital to cover the health costs directly according to the guarantees of the contract.

What is the procedure to follow outside of hospitalization?

For anything that is not a hospital stay (e.g. a doctor’s visit, an emergency room visit to the hospital), you must advance the costs first, and then, in order to get your care reimbursed, you will have to follow the procedure explained to you in the subscription confirmation email.

What is the procedure to follow in the event of an out-of-health disaster?

For claims relating to non-sickness or hospitalization coverage such as civil liability or loss of baggage, for example, refer to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy in order to know the precise terms of your Refund.

What is the procedure for applying for a refund?

In your subscription confirmation, you have received a list of documents to be provided and the email and postal address to send them. This is essential to open your file.

What documents do I need to send to the medical platform to get a refund?

  • Depending on the insurance, you should usually send the following documents in original to the platform:
  • a copy of the first page of the insurance certificate attached to this email
  • an explanatory letter on the exact circumstances of the illness or accident
  • a copy of the initial medical certificate describing the injuries sustained as a result of illness or accident
  • a copy of the medical prescriptions relating to these medical expenses
  • a copy of the invoices paid
  • your bank details (IBAN, BIC, Swift with your bank’s full name and address)

How long do I get my refund?

Upon receipt of your refund request with a complete file, your file is processed and you are refunded within 15 working days.

I sent my claim more than 15 days ago and I still don’t have an answer, is that normal?

If you have not received confirmation of the processing of your file, your file may not be complete. You must then verify that you have sent all the necessary documents for the processing of your file.

How do I reach the platform that handles refunds?

The procedure differs depending on the insurance you have taken out. In case of hospitalization, you can in principle immediately contact the medical platform by phone (the number will be indicated on your insurance certificate) for direct coverage of your health costs.

In all other cases, managers prioritize your claims in writing. It is essential to have all the documents in order to be able to answer you on a reimbursement of care. Once the documents have arrived, a file is opened and you will then have the phone and email contact information of the manager of your file.

How do I know the exact procedure based on the insurance I have taken out?

When you subscribed to an insurance offered by Mondassur, you received with your certificate the precise procedures concerning the claims as well as the documents to be completed in order to obtain your refunds in the best possible way. Conditions. You can also find these procedures in the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

In any case, we remain available for any information regarding your medical insurance abroad.

How does Mondassur manage my insurance contract ?

Mondassur is an insurance broker specializing in international insurance: insurance for expatriates, travel insurance, insurance for foreigners in France… Etc. We have been operating for almost 10 years now and provide expatriates all over the world, students going on an internship or studying abroad, tourists for short stays, professionals… Etc.

We work with the biggest players in international mobility and are the only brokers to offer such a wide range ofinsurance for international travel.

Our role is to advise you the best contract among this range, explain to you what are the major differences between contracts, answer your questions objectively to understand the details of a contract that can make the difference in your choice. We keep track of your contract in administrative and commercial terms and can offer you more suitable contracts throughout your life abroad. We also intervene in the difficult management of a refund in order to ensure its proper follow-up.

Why should I go through Mondassur ?

Your interest in going through Mondassur is multiple:

  • You have the opportunity to have an overview of existing contracts on the market with an in-depth analysis by insurance professionals on the qualities and weaknesses of the proposed contracts.
  • This way you can always be guaranteed to have the contract that is best suited to your needs and budget.
  • You have access to expatriation or travel insurance that cannot be taken out directly from an insurer.
  • You also have the guarantee of a personalized management of your file thanks to advisors listening to you either by phone or by email.
  • You are also sure that if you have a problem in managing your contract (administrative or related to a refund), we will be able to speed up the processing and follow-up of your file because we have many expatriates and travellers insured with the insurer and manager of your contract.
  • You are guaranteed to deal with an insurance professional authorised and controlled by the Prudential Control Authority

Why are there so many intermediaries in insurance contracts ?

An international insurance contract is extremely complex to set up and manage.
Beyond the many administrative aspects, it is essential to call on specific partners depending on the profession.

An international insurance contract requires advanced skills for the whole world, which requires having specialists for each trade: insurance, assistance, reimbursement management, contract administration and finally marketing of insurance.

Do you charge an additional fee for your advice in choosing my international insurance ?

  • We do not charge you any additional fees for our advice.
  • Our interest is to offer you the insurance that is best suited to your needs.
  • Our rates are exactly the same as those offered online by contract managers or insurers.
  • We are paid directly by commissions paid by managers or insurance companies at no extra cost to you.
  • We work with them in total independence; which guarantees you a neutral advice for choosing your insurance.

How confidential is my data ?

When applying for a quote or taking out insurance, it is essential to have certain information such as your date of birth or your personal details. Our privacy policy guarantees you that this information is protected.

This requested information is necessary to give you an exact quote for your insurance and in case of underwriting insurance, to allow the implementation of your insurance and its proper functioning. They are communicated to Mondassur’s contractual partners involved in the execution of your insurance contract.

You have the right to access, modify, correct and delete the data that concerns you (Article 34 of the Computer and Freedoms Act). To exercise it, email us at:
Mondassur, 19 rue des Longs Prés, 92100 BOULOGNE – FRANCE or by email to

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