How do I get reimbursed for medical care abroad? FAQs

The operation of refunds, repatriation, the assistance platform

How does healthcare claims reimbursements work ?

It depends on the insurance but in general the process is:

  1. For any hospitalization or request for assistance, you contact the 24-hour medical platform for direct care. You don’t have to advance the fees.
  2. For any other refund request, you send the original invoices and prescriptions to the management centre and we will refund you a few days later.

How do I send insurance claims ?

Have you had medical care abroad and want to know how you are going to be reimbursed?

It all depends on the insurance you choose. As a general rule, for any hospitalization and request for assistance, it is the medical platform that will directly regulate the care of practitioners and hospitals.

For some insurance, you can report your claim online. We will send you the full procedure before you sign up.

For other care, you must advance the fees, keep the invoices and send them to us for reimbursement.

You will then be reimbursed either by cheque or by transfer depending on the insurance you choose. If you have insurance for expatriates, we make international transfers to reimburse you for your expenses in your bank account abroad.

Am I insured in case of illness ?

In the context of travel insurance, previous illnesses are generally not covered.

If you have an illness before you take out your travel insurance, the costs associated with it will not be covered.

As part of an expatriation, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and previous illnesses can be managed according to the contracts.

What are my expenses in case of hospitalization ?

In case of hospitalization, your medical expenses are usually covered at 100% of the actual costs, this is the guarantee of good coverage. We will detail this point for each of the travel or expatriation insurance that we advise you.

In the majority of our contracts, there is direct support with a direct payment of insurance to the hospital by contacting our support platform. This way you don’t have to advance the fees.

Example: You are in Australia, you are the victim of an accident. You are undergoing several transactions, the total amount of fees to be paid is 200,000 euros. Can you advance the fees and wait to be reimbursed? Our insurance allows you to have no costs to advance in case of hospitalization.

In case of hospitalization abroad, can a relative visit me ?

In case of hospitalization abroad, you benefit from a ticket and the cost of living for a loved one.

Depending on the contract, your loved one’s expenses will be reimbursed over a longer or shorter period of time (see the guarantees of the contract to which you subscribe).

Are dental and optical expenses covered by my international insurance ?

Depending on the contract you sign up for, dental and optical expenses may be included or optional. Each case is unique, so it is best to refer to the warranties of the contract or contact us.

In case of pregnancy, will my medical expenses be covered by the insurance ?

If your pregnancy begins after your insurance is purchased, your medical expenses may be covered according to the contract guarantees and waiting times.

If your pregnancy predates your subscription, your medical expenses will not be covered.

I’m going abroad with my children. Does my travel insurance automatically cover them ?

If you are going abroad with your children, there are two options available to you:

  • You can buy family insurance
  • You can insure each member of your family separately.

It all depends on certain criteria related to your stay abroad (purpose of stay, destination, age of family members …).

What to do in the event of an accident or emergency?

It is important to call in the fastest local emergency services for an intervention as soon as possible and to contact our support platform.

In case of hospitalization and request for assistance, you should contact our medical platform (coordinates provided at the time of subscription).

You must keep the originals of all the bills and medical prescriptions that will be given to you and send them to the management center.

How do I contact the support platform ?

The contact information of the support platform is provided to you at the end of your Subscription of Mondassur health insurance. This platform is available by phone 24/7. She is responsible for the management of claims and the reimbursement of medical care.

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