How can I be insured for medical care abroad ? FAQs

Coverage with credit card, why is it essential to take out international insurance... etc.

Are some countries excluded from Mondassur insurance ?

We recommend the insurance contract adapted to your destination country.
Our insurance covers you all over the world but depending on the geographical area or purpose of the stay, it is important to check your coverage.
If you are going on a trip or on a mission to a country other than the one for which you have taken out your insurance, you may not be insured if it is a country with an unstable political climate.
It is strongly advised when you go to countries at risk to ask us about the suitable contract.

What are the exclusions of coverage in an insurance contract?

Before you purchase health insurance, be sure to read the policy exclusions in the policy’s terms and conditions. Insurance exclusions mean that certain treatments are excluded. One of the most common exclusions for international health insurance is pre-existing conditions.
All insurance companies have exclusions. Companies offering international health insurance are not required to cover medical history and may also refuse to cover a person if the risk of serious illness during their policy is high.
General exclusions apply to almost all policies. They include:

  •  Pre-existing conditions
  • Voluntary self-injury
  • Cosmetic surgery not resulting from an accident or illness. These are not covered and are the decision of the insured.
  • Sleep, weight loss, rejuvenation and detoxification cures…
  • Extreme and dangerous sports
  • Care in institutions, such as thalassotherapy establishments, retirement homes or hospitalization in medium or long stay centers
  • Alcohol, medication and drug abuse
  • Crime
  • War or terrorism

The exclusion of epidemic risks is also a classic insurance exclusion. However, the Covid-19 crisis has shown us that exceptions are possible, as many insurers cover Covid-related care.

Am I covered with my credit card insurance abroad ?

The insurance that accompanies your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is more like assistance contracts that assist you in the event of incidents, for a short period of time without offering you very important health insurance coverage and in no case if you stay more than 3 consecutive months abroad. They are interesting (for those of “high-end” cards such as Gold or Premier or Infinity) but are still to be used in addition to specific insurance.

How do I choose my insurance between a top up insurance and a full international insurance ?

The majority of people choose insurance from the 1st euro over a complementary insurance to the CFE. This choice can be explained for various reasons:

It is often easier to have only one contact
The overall rate of your health cover is often lower with insurance at the 1st euro without intervention by the CFE (if you add the CFE contribution and the amount of the complementary)
The CFE is limited to people who have worked in France or French and is not always suitable for citizens of the world.
You can find out your contribution to the CFE by consulting the rates of the CFE.
For more information on choosing the best medical insurance solution abroad, contact one of Mondassur’s advisers, we will take the time to analyze your situation and advise you best according to your personal situation and your needs.

What is the difference between a top up CFE insurance and a private international healthcare insurance ?

The CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger) assures you abroad with the limits of coverage of the ceilings of the French social security. It is highly recommended to take out a supplement to support the remaining due after the reimbursement of the CFE, as is the case with a traditional French complementary mutual. In some countries, such as the United States and countries with higher medical costs than in France, this is essential. Let us take an example to better understand: The reimbursements for CFE care are limited to the rates negotiated by French social security, taking 70% or 100% depending on the case. For a consultation with a general practitioner whose reimbursement by social security is limited to 25 euros, you will be reimbursed by CFE 70% of this amount, or 17.50 euros. If your consultation was 60 euros or even 150 euros, it will remain at your expense 60-17.50 = 42.50 euros or 150-17.50 = 132.50 euros. The additional CFE will reimburse the part remaining at your expense according to the guarantees you have chosen. Mondassur offers the GoldExpat contract at the 1st euro without intervention from the CFE or Goldexpat as top up to the CFE with formulas with variable reimbursement ceilings. These insurance contracts allow you to limit your dependents which can be very important on expensive medical care.

Unlike a supplemental CFE, an insurance at the 1st euro pays for your medical expenses from the first euro spent without further intervention by an organization.

What is the difference between insurance benefits and assistance benefits ?

An insurance contract will pay financially for the costs you can pay (e.g. medical expenses, lawyers, baggage theft… etc.) while a support contract will take over logistics and organisation. It is essential to have a contract that assures you and offers you assistance services.
Assistance alone is not enough abroad since it may be impossible to repatriate you (appropriate local structure, inability to transport… Etc.).

Why is it not advisable to go to the United States or Canada without travel insurance?

In countries such as the United States or Canada (but also in Australia, Japan, etc.), the cost of medical care is very high.
Unfortunately, an accident or illness does not only happen to others. Thus, if you encounter this type of situation, it is essential to have an insurer to support you financially in case of need for medical care in these countries.
You will be reimbursed for your medical expenses, which can amount to tens of thousands of euros in many countries. If you are going to these countries as part of your studies, internship, PVT and even professional stay, it is mandatory to take out travel insurance.

What is travel insurance for ?

Travel insurance is for everyone when staying abroad. There are several types of travel insurance covering you regardless of the purpose of your stay abroad: studies, business travel, expatriation, tourism, pvt.

Why do I need an insurance abroad ?

Medical costs abroad are often much higher than in France and social security does not cover you everywhere.
It’s important to make sure you benefit from the right international health insurance when you’re going abroad for a variety of reasons.

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