Buy your international health care insurance FAQs

documents needed for underwriting, underwriting conditions, operation of insurance, etc.

Can I take a CFE top up insurance for a short stay ?

Oui, c’est possible mais en général il est conseillé d’envisager une complémentaire CFE pour des séjours de longue durée à l’étranger en tant qu’expatriés. Il existe de nombreuses assurances sans intervention de la CFE pour des séjours de moins d’un an; ces assurances sont plus adaptées pour des courts séjours à l’étranger et sont plus économiques. Vous pouvez obtenir un devis pour une assurance santé internationale directement sur notre site.


Can my international insurance be renewed ?

It all depends on your contract. You can renew it in the majority of cases. If it is time-limited travel insurance, some insurance is not renewable and others are. If it is an expat insurance for which the renewal is automatic from the moment your contributions are paid, the guarantees are acquired as long as you do not terminate the expatriation insurance.

How long does it take to obtain insurance certificate after an online application ?

You can get your insurance certificate for the majority of our insurance immediately. For others, the maximum 24 hours are delayed.

What documents are needed to prove that I am insured ?

When you join a travel or expatriation insurance, you receive a certificate of membership that includes the name of your contract and your insured number.
This certificate is your insurance certificate and confirms your membership. Depending on your insurance, you can also receive an insured card.

What information do I need to provide for secure payment ?

You will need to provide your credit card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram (3-digit code on the back of your card).

You will be directed to your bank’s specific server who can ask you for additional information to make sure you have the credit card in order to protect yourself as much as possible from any spoofing of your card. This is the ultra-secure “3D secure” payment system.

What are the ways to pay for insurance ?

Depending on the Mondassur health insurance policy, you can use different means of payment: bank card, transfer, French cheque or automatic bank debit.

Will the medical information provided to purchase insurance remain confidential ?

Our employees and partners have all signed a confidentiality clause to protect the privacy of our policyholders.

Is there an age limit to be able to buy insurance ?

We offer a wide range of travel and expat insurance policies that are tailored to your profile and needs. Some insurance sets of age limits and others do not.

Where can I apply for a quote ?

You can get a quote for free and immediately online for your international healthcare insurance. You will then be able to purchase your travel insurance directly in secure payment.
For expatriation insurance, you can get a first quote online as well. Our advisors are available to answer within 48 hours and offer you the insurance that is best suited to your situation. You can call us (call not overcharged) to exchange directly with one of our advisors.

How long before I go abroad do I have to take out insurance ?

It depends on the insurance you choose. For insurance for less than one year, you can receive your membership certificate immediately.
For expat insurance, it takes a few days and you should ideally do it at least 1 week in advance or even a little more if we need to ask you for medical details.

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