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Colombia invests 7.2% of its GDP in health and social protection, compared to an average of 4% in Latin America.


The general system of social security (Sistema general de seguridad social en salud) provides a universal coverage to more than 85% of the Colombian population, and access to basic health care.

Colombian doctors are competent. Most of them are trained abroad and work in the country's big cities. Hospitals are very often overcrowded, foreigners prefer to go to private clinics that hold the most qualified doctors and provide a better quality of care. But the patient should always pay in advance the amount of care fees.

Health insurance for expatriates:

There is no social security agreement between France and Colombia. Expatriates can take out the EPS (Entidad Promorota de Salud) health insurance, it is a private insurance controlled by the State.The EPS is the equivalent of a mutual in France. There is also the "Medicina Prepagada" which is a luxury health insurance. The amount of the contributions depends on the age and the diseases that are declared on the subscription date.

Every company has an obligation to affiliate its employees to the EPS service. The employee is free to choose the EPS that suits him the best.

It is the company that pays most of the EPS expenses of its employees: the monthly contribution is equivalent to 12.5% of the employee's salary. 8.5% is financed directly by the company and the remaining 4% is directly deducted from the employee's salary.

It is necessary to contribute for a minimum of 4 weeks for the EPS to cover the costs of so-called "common" diseases.

It is incredible, but it is according to your EPS that you will be admitted or not in certain clinics. Doctors also reserve the right to receive or not the affiliates of such and such mutual.

It is therefore highly recommended to take out an international health insurance before your departure. Mondassur's as for the first euro insurance covers your health costs, dental and optical expenses.

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