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Jobs that make you travel

Why not combine travel and work? There are many jobs that allow you to travel to the 4 corners of the world. Those who practice regularly are called globetrotters or nomads. It’s never too late to try … Here is a list of these jobs in all industries. Work in tourism abroad Air hostess / […]


Essential checklist for expatriation

The great adventure begins, your expatriation project becomes a reality! Deciding to move abroad is a choice that leads to a multitude of changes in the life of an individual and his loved ones. A poorly prepared expatriation can prove to be a failure that leads to a hasty return to one’s country of origin. […]


How to develop your expatriation network?

Feeling surrounded is the key to a good experience!To expatriate is to embark on the unknown, to confront a different culture and to live an extraordinary experience. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult, after the first months of discovery and wonder, to live away from one’s culture. Yet there are ways to protect yourself from […]


How to prepare your expatriation

Moving abroad is a unique and enriching experience that can bring a lot on a human level. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, discover a new living environment, boost your career… Nevertheless, moving abroad cannot be improvised. You must meticulously prepare your expatriation. Here are the main things to consider. Learn more […]


How to use responsible travel

In recent years, travel has taken on a whole new dimension by increasingly valuing sustainable (responsible) tourism that opposes mass tourism. The Covid health crisis has reinforced this situation all the more. This practice consists in limiting the carbon footprint of your travels as much as possible. It’s not just a story of pollution. There […]


Our tips for studying abroad

Going to study abroad makes almost all students dream: it is an opportunity to travel, discover new horizons, new cultures, learn a language, evolve personally by gaining maturity. It is also a real asset on the CV to find work more easily… In short, it is a beneficial and unique experience that has only advantages […]


What are the dangers during an expatriation?

An expatriation in an area of risk or conflict requires more preparation than an expatriation. An expatriate is exposed to security risks and dangers more or less important depending on the country concerned. Here are some tips to understand and prepare your expatriation safely. Anticipate the risks for your expatriation First, carefully study the country […]


Brexit: living in France for the British

Since Brexit was formalised, many Britons have chosen to move to France. These new expatriates then find themselves immersed in a new country, which, although not far away, remains different. So what to do to come to France for a Briton? How do I stay in France? Which French region to choose? How do I […]


Working in mobile digital and travelling abroad

Working and travelling is a fundamental trend. The development of the internet had already paved the way. The Covid crisis and multiple containments have boosted this way of life. More and more people are deciding to become self-employed and travel around the world. They travel and continue to work for clients or their businesses on […]


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