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Jobs to work abroad

Why not combine travel and work? There are many jobs that allow you to travel to the 4 corners of the world. Those who practice regularly are called globetrotters or nomads. It’s never too late to try… Here is a list of these trades in all sectors of activity.


Post-BREXIT: What changes to go to the UK?

June 23, 2016 is a date that future schoolchildren will remember in history as the day when Europe was divided. Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, the British people decided to dissociate themselves from the European project at 51.9%. Negotiations between London and Brussels for an exit deal have been lengthy, brexit formalised and the UK’s exit […]


The fall with no stress.

All good things must come to an end… September, the fall month and the time to get back to work, has just begun. As “getting back to work” means sometimes “stressful period” or “depression”, here is some tips to approach this month with confidence. Getting organised for the return to work You need to get […]


Flight cancellations: airlines’ obligations

Between strikes and staff shortages, many flights could be cancelled this summer. What are passengers’ rights? Do they get their money back? What role does the airline play?Reimbursement, compensation, additional costs… we explain everything! What are my rights if my flight is cancelled? A European regulation governs airline practices. Article 8 of European regulation 261/2004 […]


Interview with Jean-Pol Rihoux, expatriate in Brazil

Mondassur met Jean-Pol Rihoux who has been living in Brazil for a few years. Jean-Pol has launched his blog where he shares his chronicles to help us discover Brazil, a country that has become his own. Could you introduce yourself and your background? I spent my youth in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium and [...] More

Compulsory travel insurance for Thailand

Perfumed cuisine, dream beaches, sumptuous temples … Thailand has something to make tourists smile, not for nothing that it has been called “the land of smiles”. Travel insurance is required to re-enter Thailand. A “constraint” that turns out to be a real relief if you suffer an accident, emergency medical repatriation … The risks during […]


Ranking of the most visited cities

Each year, Mastercard compiles the ranking of the most visited cities of the year. Surprisingly, London is dethroned in favour of Bangkok. According to this ranking, which is based on an estimate of the number of international visitors expected in 2016 and not on the attendance actually observed, it is indeed Bangkok that should settle […]


WHV Argentina – Insurance

Do you intend to travel to Argentina for 1 year to travel,study and work at the same time? This is possible thanks to the working holiday visa for young people between the ages of 18 and 35. But how do you get that famous visa? What are the administrative procedures? What is PVT – WHV? […]


I’m doing an internship abroad, what medical insurance is made for me?

Have you just landed your internship abroad? Don’t forget to take out international student health insurance that will cover you in case of health problems: accident or illness. Medical insurance is required when you go to do your internship in certain countries such as the United States especially if you are going on a J-1 […]


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