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How do you make friends as an expatriate ?

Integrating a new culture and making connections in a foreign country may seem daunting at first, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons, discover new perspectives, and enrich yourself. Expatriation is a journey that begins with the decision to cross borders, but for this adventure to be successful and serene, one […]


Moving to Africa

Moving to Africa can represent a great opportunity for your career. Whatever the reason for your expatriation (your choice or that of your company), you need to be prepared. Africa is characterized by its great diversity, whether in terms of living standards, systems, cultures, or even climates, which vary considerably from one region to another. […]


Finding a job and medical coverage in Singapore

Singapore is a highly attractive destination for foreign companies deciding to set up business. With its ideal geographical location, economic and political stability, good infrastructure and skilled workforce, Singapore is attracting more and more foreigners. It’s no wonder that so many expatriate to this metropolis. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find work here, […]


Dengue fever, a fast-growing disease

Dengue fever is a global public health concern, and recently an alarming upsurge has been observed in Brazil. In January 2024, over 11,200 cases were reported in Rio de Janeiro, almost half the total for the previous year, highlighting the severity and extent of the epidemic. This situation is exacerbated by climatic factors such as […]


Moving to Hong Kong or Singapore?

In a globalized, ever-changing world, choosing a destination for expatriation becomes a complex decision, influenced by multiple factors such as economic opportunities, quality of life, and political stability. Among Asia’s epicenters of dynamism, Hong Kong and Singapore are two attractive poles, each offering a unique set of opportunities and challenges. But before you pack your […]


How to manage the distance with your loved ones when you are abroad?

Going abroad can be a rewarding experience, but it often means being away from family and friends. Whether for studies, a job or simply to discover new horizons, managing the distance with loved ones can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips to better manage the distance and stay connected with loved ones when you’re […]


Webinars: Learn how to protect your health abroad

We regularly organize webinars to answer your questions and advise you on your choice of insurance according to your situation: students, expatriates, nomads, travelers… To see the replay of our webinars, enter your email address below and click on “Get a link”. Enjoy your viewing!


My visa to go to New Zealand

Welcoming more than 3.8 million visitors from all over the world each year, including around 10,000 expatriates, New Zealand impresses with its natural beauty and openness to the world. For certain types of visas, health insurance is mandatory for New Zealand. This will allow you to fully enjoy your stay with peace of mind. Can […]


Chinese New Year 2024: The Year of the Wood Dragon

Le 10 février 2024 signera le départ des festivités du Nouvel An chinois. Une année placée sous l’égide du Dragon de bois. Le Dragon de bois, cinquième animal du zodiaque chinois, est un animal puissant, majestueux, et intelligent. Elle est l'occasion de découvrir les traditions chinoises et de profiter de défilés colorés en musique. Si [...] More

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