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Chinese New Year 2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

January 22, 2023 will mark the start of the Chinese New Year festivities. A year under the aegis of the Water Rabbit. The Water Rabbit, fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac, is a social, kind, and intelligent animal. It is an opportunity to discover Chinese traditions and enjoy colorful parades in music. If you are […]


The different Christmas traditions in the world

Christmas, one of the most anticipated times of the year. Every year, for a few days, the whole world lights up! People are growing smiley, happier and warmer despite the onset of winter (for the Northern Hemisphere of course).Not all countries celebrate Christmas, although it is often an occasion to reunite the family and have […]


The best destinations to spend the New Year

Wondering where to spend your New Years? Want a change or even cultural discoveries? Mondassur has put together a short list of the best destinations to go to to celebrate the New Year all over the world! 1. Prague, Czech Republic Prague is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe. You can enjoy the […]


France: a destination of choice for foreign students

While France is the world’s leading tourist destination, it is also attracting more and more foreign students, with over 400,000 foreign students. France now welcomes as many or more foreign students than before the Covid-19 global health crisis. While Anglo-Saxon universities are not lacking in attractiveness, France succeeds in attracting students through low tuition fees […]


10 good reasons to move abroad

Figures from a recent study show that expatriation has become a normal part of the mobility landscape. Indeed, as many as 230 million people living in a country other than their own. If you too are on the move, that expatriation tempts you but you do not dare to cross the line, then we give […]


Obtain a certificate of international insurance

Obtain an international insurance certificate immediately, visa certificate, Covid certificate, immigration certificate. A certificate is required in some countries to enter the territory or obtain a visa.


Best places to celebrate Halloween

On October 31st, get out your most monstrous disguises, Halloween is back! Origin of this holiday and best places to celebrate it on the planet, we tell you everything in this article! Halloween Party The term Halloween comes from the English phrase “All Hallows Eve” which means “The Eve of All Saints”. But contrary to […]


Jobs to work abroad

Why not combine travel and work? There are many jobs that allow you to travel to the 4 corners of the world. Those who practice regularly are called globetrotters or nomads. It’s never too late to try… Here is a list of these trades in all sectors of activity.


Post-BREXIT: What changes to go to the UK?

June 23, 2016 is a date that future schoolchildren will remember in history as the day when Europe was divided. Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, the British people decided to dissociate themselves from the European project at 51.9%. Negotiations between London and Brussels for an exit deal have been lengthy, brexit formalised and the UK’s exit […]


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