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Brexit: living in France for the British

Since Brexit was formalised, many Britons have chosen to move to France. These new expatriates then find themselves immersed in a new country, which, although not far away, remains different. So what to do to come to France for a Briton? How do I stay in France? Which French region to choose? How do I […]


Working in mobile digital and travelling abroad

Working and travelling is a fundamental trend. The development of the internet had already paved the way. The Covid crisis and multiple containments have boosted this way of life. More and more people are deciding to become self-employed and travel around the world. They travel and continue to work for clients or their businesses on […]


Going abroad on a humanitarian mission

People wishing to go on humanitarian missions are numerous and their personal reasons varied.Many associations, NGOs and foundations offer international solidarity missions, but it is sometimes difficult to know how and with whom to leave. To choose a humanitarian mission tailored to your desires,think carefully about your project and your goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has […]


I’m going in Erasmus, what student insurance do I need?

Do you dream of travelling, discovering a new culture, making friends from all over the world (and studying abroad)? The Erasmus programme is for you and you are right to try the adventure! It’s a very rewarding experience. This will allow you to mature enormously in the space of a few months. This programme will […]


PVT insurance South Korea

In search of a unique experience, do you want to discover the riches of the Republic of Korea? At the end of the Korean peninsula, a land full of mystery is open to you.You will not be disappointed by the charm and authenticity of this country.Discovering new horizons, South Korea is well known for its […]


WHV Insurance for Chile

Certain European nationals such as French nationals can apply for WHV for 12 months. This visa cannot be renewed. The cost of the visa is about 115 euros and the deadline to obtain is 2 weeks. A WHV insurance is compulsory for Chile. The conditions to be met to take advantage of WHV in Chile […]


Obtain a certificate of international insurance

Obtain an international insurance certificate immediately, visa certificate, Covid certificate, immigration certificate. A certificate is required in some countries to enter the territory or obtain a visa.


How does international health insurance work?

You have just taken out Mondassur expatriate insurance or insurance for foreign students, here is more information for: get organized in the event of a medical emergency get your health care reimbursements contact our support platform When should I go to the medical emergency? Each medical situation does not necessarily require that you go to […]


Your international insurance to study in the USA

You are going to university in the United States and your university may require international student insurance that meets certain criteria.Mondassur explains to you to better understand the criteria of international student insurance for your university in the USA. Some examples of international student insurance criteria The insurer must be present in the USA, have […]


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